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Starshatter: Why it is worth your consideration.

NonFictionMar 9, 2019, 4:42:26 AM

Writing reviews for books is not something that I often do. This is usually due to my free-loving nature, as I do not like to tell people what they should and shouldn't like. That is why I have titled this review as such, I'm not telling you that you have to read this book, but I will suggest that it is worth your consideration. I also don't know how to tell somebody about a book without spoiling the plot and ruining the adventure, so I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet. This book is the first of an ongoing series and as such introduces the protagonists that will be navigating a beautifully eccentric universe. Some of these protagonists are sentient forms of furry friends not unlike the popular Nintendo world of Star Fox. In this case instead of a fox or a toad, it is a bad-ass bunny rabbit and a wise-cracking hamster. You also get to learn about the different races that inhabit this universe. The one that really captured my interest is a species known as Jaern. The most condensed description of them that I could give is that they are kind of like ninja-Klingons, but with a somehow even more deplorable culture. The author also unashamedly gives life to the universe itself and addresses the existence of souls within the world and how they have an effect on the living and the sentient. It is a strange kind of beautiful. The genre of this book aside from obviously being sci-fi, is an action adventure story for sure. To paraphrase Gene Roddenberry, it truly is a wagon train to the stars. The "cowboy bang bang" scene has its charms but it typically isn't something that I go for often. I like strange and eclectic things that leave you unsure of how to feel. I like a love story that makes you feel everything and nothing at the same time because somewhere inside of me still hides an edgy teenager fighting with the competent adult composure I pretend like I maintain. What was I talking about? Right now I remember; the Starshatter book is a kind of galactic western, but that didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying it. It has enough depth and life breathed into it that even though there are scenes that are pure action, they are tastefully sandwiched between more meaningful plot devices that make you care about the characters. Now as I said, I'm not trying to tell you what to do with your life, but if you're looking for something to read than Starshatter is worth your consideration. Think of it like Star Wars and Star Trek collided head on and the result was Starshatter. (Pun Intended)

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