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A Tale of Two Balloons

nonconformistSep 5, 2018, 8:14:30 PM


An opinion piece in the Metro (see link above) written by Mathew Butcher last week stated ‘Flying the Sadiq Khan balloon is not an exercise of free speech, it is a party for bigots.'

What was flying the Donald Trump balloon all about then? Some people who don't even like Trump didn't care for the Trump baby balloon or the protest at the time of his state visit- because it was puerile, embarrassing and not British at all.

Where was the satirical floating blimp and rally when Recep Tayyip Erdogan Erdogan of Turkey came to visit (also click here World At War part 5: Tyranny in Turkey)- regarding journalists being arrested beaten and tortured? Or when the Saudi King came to visit regarding a violation of women's rights in Saudi and the injustices in Yemen? Or when the Chinese communist president Xi Jingpin arrived for a state visit?

The social justice warrior, Butcher, working as an opinion writer for a government-run newspaper, helped out with the Trump baby inflatable earlier this year. And he is perspicuously offended by the parody of a Sadiq Khan in a yellow bikini balloon which flew over London on Saturday.

In a shorter amount of time, the satirical Sadiq Khan balloon raised more money than the crowdfunding for the Trump balloon. The Trump balloon had 2151 supporters and raised £34,923. The yellow bikini-clad Sadiq Khan balloon project instigated by Yanny Bruere raised £59,603 and had 3485 supporters!

According to Matthew Butchers opinion piece ‘This latest blimp isn't likely to have Londoners chuckling because, well, it's not very funny.' The many reactions on social media, especially Facebook suggest otherwise.

I didn't find the Trump balloon very funny, but if you were amused, good for you! Unlike Leftist authoritarians, I don't tell people what is funny and what isn't. I believe in freedom of speech and the freedom to laugh at whatever you like, although some humour may be extremely disturbing and downright disgusting it's not in my control either.

Flying the Trump balloon in July was not an exercise of free speech, it was a party for the far-left Antifa types who like the idea of communism, but know little about it (Ash Sarkar).

Trump does not preach a divisive gospel, and as for the ‘beneficiaries and enablers of the rising fascist tide' stated by Butcher, they are just people who disagree with the politically correct narrative constantly being pushed by the mainstream media. We only have to disagree with leftists, and we're called ‘fascists, bigots, racists, etc.'

‘Some might label us hypocrites' Butcher continued. Only some? I beg to differ. I'm glad you're not interested in an inflatable fight- Yes some people supporting the Khan balloon project may well be dangerously right- wing. And I'm convinced that many people supporting the Trump balloon are dangerously left-wing.

The reason being, they are keen to embrace humanitarian causes at the expense of common sense, safety and national security. It's simply too dangerous to have an open border policy; it's not hatred to be critical of Sadiq Khan and his failure to tackle violent knife crime in the city or to be concerned about his family terror links.


Nor is it hatred to oppose Islamic extremism, terror attacks and Muslim grooming gangs operating up and down the country.

Mr Butcher also feels inclined to bring up identity politics with this statement; ‘We want to see those on Parliament Square asked the very same questions- and to have their real reasons for attacking London's first ever Muslim mayor truly exposed.'

But it's alright for the left to attack Trump, they like to dish it out, but they can't take it. Although Sadiq Khan did manage to laugh off the balloon that lampooned him with this comment; ‘If people want to spend their Saturday looking at me in a yellow bikini they're welcome to do so- I don't really think yellow's my colour though.'

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