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Bitcoin SV Advocate "Craig Faketoshi" Picks Up A New Fight. This Time With Aelf !!!

Nibu P RajooJul 8, 2019, 6:18:49 AM

After he finished crying in the court, Bitcoin SV advocate started a new fight, this time with Aelf CEO Ma Haobo.

As per various sources, it all started with Ma Haobo, founder of Aelf (ELF), called Bitcoin SV leader Craig Wright, a fraudster and using the hashtag #BoycottBSVAndCryingFaketoshi in the Chinese social network "Weibo"(Chinese version of Twitter). Ma Haobo called for a boycott of Craig Wright along with his fake version of bitcoin BSV after learning that self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright cried in court during the $10 billion crypto lawsuit filed against him.

The tweet went viral and received the support of many prominent representatives of the cryptocurrency industry in China, including leading bitcoin mining pool Poolin cofounder Zhu Fa and F2Pool cofounder Mao Shixing.

As per Haobo, he is sick of the lack of integrity Wright has shown in all the past action. Not only that, he is tainting the public's view of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, but he is also creating division in a flourishing and innovative industry.

As expected, the Chinese community of BSV came to support Craig Wright and started to attack Aelf. They even went on to say that they will bring down Aelf price to "0" which is technically not possible

BSV community was criticized on the fact that BSV has a market cap around $3.6 billion and ranks the 9th largest crypto whereas ELF, by contrast, ranks 80 whose market cap stands at $103 million.

But they ignored the fact that Aelf is gaining a lot of traction as a blockchain that can trigger mass enterprise adaption whereas BSV is just used for trading purpose and so far with no real-world usage.

This is not the first time crypto bully Craig Faketoshi is entering hot waters. Earlier, Craig Wright threatened to sue the founder of the Lightning Torch Hodlonaut, claiming that Hodlonaut had been calling him as a liar.

This didn't go well for Craig Faketoshi as Binance CEO "CZ" clearly stated that he will delist BSV if Craig continues with his fake claim. Later on, CZ followed up his word and kicked out BSV from Binance.

So far things are not going well for the fake Satoshi. Recently it came to light that the famous "Tulip Trust" that CSW claims to be created in 2011 was actually purchased as an aged shelf company in 2014. Proof

Also, CSW's trust document from 2012 features fonts copyrighted in 2015.

There is also another 2011 doc with 2014 metadata.

So many lies and still fake Satoshi is trying to prove himself as the real Satoshi, whereas a majority of the crypto community believe that he is a real fake one.

From my personal perspective, It is true that he was one of the early Bitcoin influencers and he should concentrate more on building up the goodwill of blockchain among the corporate world rather than going on legal tussles with other pioneers of the blockchain world.

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