More YouTube Copyright Shenanigans The Mr T Experience - "Thank You (For Not Being One Of Them)" as written by Christina Aguilera, Kara E. Dioguardi, David M. Frank, Stephen Alan Kipner, Pamela Eileen Sheyne and Chris E. Martin. This, or some parallel but identical chain of song publishing detective work, seems to be basis of Universal Music Publishing Group's attempt to claim ownership of the song "Thank You (for Not Being One of Them)" as performed by the Mr T Experience in this video: The Christina Aguilera song in question appears to be this: It's called "Thank You (Dedicated to Fans...) and it goes: "It seems like a lifetime since I felt like a prisoner of my dreams, yeah..." I hear ya, babe, and I couldn't have said it better myself. This seems to be another instance of the whole thing hinging on the title alone, except in this case it looks like they may be reading the parenthesis, sans the words it contains, which takes it even further from reality. At any rate, by this logic, in which a partial title alone determines who owns what, *I* wrote the Christina Aguilera song, because I did it first (1995 vs. 2006.) I will take my royalties in the form of an Amazon gift card, Christina, or in any means of exchange you may deem most appropriate. I know we both have lots of competition for the winner of the "Thank You" owner sweepstakes, as BMI lists over 7,000 songs of that title. I realize all this YouTube copyright drama may be a bit tedious for you all, as it certainly is for me. But I feel the need to document it. Plus, it's kind of funny. I'm right, they're wrong, even though it seems like, for now, they hold all the cards. It's you and me against the world, or, possibly only me against the world. This ain't over yet. In the end I can do no better than to quote the great Christina Aguilera, with whom I imagine I might team up to fight the other 6,998 contenders: Later that night we'll hold each other tight and plot their destruction Till then... #music #copyright #youtube #minds