Muslims use the Holy Bible to show that the Holy Bible teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of God is not God Yahweh Almighty. One of the verses that Muslims uses from the Holy Bible is John 14:28. The part of John 14:28 that Muslims use is the part where it says "my Father is greater than I" (KJV) or "the Father is greater than I" in other versions of the Holy Bible. Muslims use John 14:28 in order to DECEIVE Christians and even Non-Christians into becoming Muslims. John 14:28 does NOT mean what Muslims believe. Muslims need to read John 14:12-14, John 14:23 and John 17:5 in order to understand John 14:28. Down below there is a video which have Sam Shamoun explaining "the Father is greater than I" in John 14:28 and there are websites. Dailymotion ~ Why Did Jesus Say, The Father Is Greater Than I (John 14:28)?; Cash $$$ Money! Do you want to make Money on the internet without scams? Then please click on the website here: for Money. Then finally Sign Up to that website to start making Money when you Confirm PaidEmails, play Cash Games, do Cash Offers, do Cash Surveys, do online Cash Shopping, do Cash Tasks, use Groupon, Redeemed Coupons and more. YouTube ~ Why Did Jesus Say, "The Father Is Greater Than I" (John 14:28)?; Make $25.00 or more Money from Capital One 360 by opening one or more bank account(s) with Capital One 360 on the website here: so that you can save Money and make Money WITHOUT scams. Answering Islam ~ Jesus says that the Father is greater than he is, proving that he is not God.; John 14:12-14, John 14:23, John 17:5 and John 14:28;,John14:23,John17:5,John14:28&version=KJV;CJB Facebook ~ Sam Shamoun; Dailymotion ~ FascinatingVision / My Dailymotion Channel; YouTube ~ shamounian; The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth from the Holy Bible is both the "Son of God" and "God Yahweh Almighty". Answering Islam ~ Answering Islam a Christian-Muslim dialog;