💡 Normally I'd use one of those "LinkTree" type of sites...but who needs that when we have Minds? (lol) So here's a go-to post for all my links: 🔊 Stream my songs: http://airicmusic.com  📡 Live Streaming Shows (Sat's 8pm-12am): • https://Twitch.tv/airicmusic  • https://Theta.tv/airic 🧢 Merch: https://StayVivid.shop 💎 NFT Drops: http://nft.airicmusic.com  🎫 Events/Tour: http://tour.airicmusic.com 🔐 Join Membership: http://join.airicmusic.com 🛎 Membership FAQ: http://faq.airicmusic.com 💬 Minds Chatroom: http://chat.vividreign.com 👥 Vivid Reign Community: http://minds.vividreign.com For my music artists and producers: 🎛 Mixing & Mastering services: http://ee.MazadiVision.com  🎙 Book Studio Time: http://MazadiVision.com 💿 Get 7% off DistroKid through my affiliate link: https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/623920 Contact: 📲 Text Me: +1 (305) 705-5533 📧 [email protected]