Dr George Fareed Interview - Part 3

In this third and final part of our interview with Dr George Fareed, from California, you will learn about his take about: - Why large number of patients succumbed, while it should never have happened - Health Canada's ill-conceived stance against early treatment, against HCQ - The misleading / wrong conclusions by Boulware et al regading prophylaxis - The continuing restrictions in many States in the US regarding early treatment medications - The role of the major federal health institutions in the US in restricting early treatment - The immense suffering that is continuing, but that could have been stopped months ago - What can people do in practice, to get early treatment, if they get COVID - The opportunities generated by the availability of an Outpatient Early Treatment Algorithm - The development of a national plan focused on early treatment, protecting the vulnerable & prophylaxis - President Trump's (early) treatment for COVID-19 - Whether the White House could promote outpatient treatment