Post Debate Biggest Takeaway: TO LOCKDOWN OR NOT TO LOCKDOWN?…THAT Is The Question!!!

PRESS FOR TRUTH BANNED ➜ DONATE ➜ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ Last nights presidential debate was quite the spectacle that ended up being comparable to a WWE wrestling match between president Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden as the two faced off head to head. Biden accused Trump of being a racist and Trump stood his ground on the issue of opening the economy post Covid-19(84). In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why the Covid-19(84) lockdown debate will be the most important issue to follow moving forward into 2021 as these wrestling matches will continue to play out over the next 34 days! Stay Up To Date With Dan Dicks of Press For Truth HERE ➜ SUBSCRIBE: BITCHUTE ➜ LBRY ➜ FLOTE ➜ DLIVE ➜ HIVE ➜ MINDS ➜ SUPPORT: PATREON ➜ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ DONATE via Paypal ➜ GoGetFunding ➜ Or you can send an e-transfer to FOLLOW: PARLER ➜ INSTAGRAM ➜ TWITTER ➜!/DanDicksPFT STEEMIT ➜ DTUBE ➜!/c/pressfortruth GAB ➜ Sources: “VICTIMS” FILE LAWSUIT AGAINST FACEBOOK & KYLE RITTENHOUSE DESPITE 11 MINUTE VID PROVING INNOCENCE!! The Democracy Deception THE DEMOCRACY DECEPTION PART 2 - WHAT'S THE ALTERNATIVE?