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Coincasso - democracy on blockchain

natasha6175May 12, 2019, 8:15:56 AM

It is quite evident that, like every other innovative technology, the blockchain is at that stage of mass adoption where everyone is trying to either take advantage of the services provided on it or use it to solve one human problem or another. Also, the magnitude and rate of its own adoption presently are not surprising as the world had waited for a while for something to come shake things and get us out of the age of centralization that has come to be beneficial to a few while exploiting a whole lot others. The security, transparency and low transaction fee the blockchain offer is sure to be in demand for a very long time to come and hence, the eagerness of people to “dig in while the pie is hot.”

With the inception of the blockchain and the whole idea of cryptocurrency as came in the need for a way to buy and sell them willingly and with the ease already witnessed in traditional fiat currency markets. Answering this, several cryptocurrency exchanges have come up over the years to provide eager users with this service for some fee. While doing so, two types of cryptocurrency exchanges emerged. They were either the centralized platforms, which occupy about 90% of the market space, are known for their fast transactions processing, high security and low transaction fees and the decentralized platforms which basically were introduced to keep up with the idea of decentralization and hence, were resistant to political influences hut were found to be slow in processing transactions and charged high transaction fees.

The centralized cryptocurrency exchanges despite obviously having an edge over the other were not without its fault as the power, like al centralized platforms, became too concentrated in the hands of a few for them to do as they wish. This was creating a kind of stifling net on the rate at which a lot of cryptocurrency based ideas that would have been very beneficial to all but had been hindered by the tough enlisting processes of these exchanges were adopted. People began yearning for a platform that offers them more control over a say in the goings on of their services and the need was born for more distribution of power without losing the huge benefits the centralized exchanges provided.

Recognizing this gap in the market, a team of innovative minds put heads together to find better ways to give back power to the people without compromising on the quality of services. The Coincasso exchange idea was then born.

website: https://coincasso.io/

whitepaper: https://coincasso.io/ENGLISH_CoinCasso_official_PLV1.pdf?v1.1

So what is all about and what is it set to do?

The Coincasso exchange is a blockchain based platform licensed throughout Europe and Malta that aims to provide a centralized cryptocurrency platform with a community of users given the power to decide and influences the development of the platform and the tokens to be adopted on them and while doing so, get rewarded for their participation on the platform.

Current market situation

The global market for cryptocurrency was valued at US$574.3 mn in the year 2017 (source) and the overall cryptocurrency market is projected to reach USD 1.40 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 6.18% during 2019-2024 (source).

Strategy for market penetration

While making use of a very extensive and innovative marketing and bounty campaign, the Coincasso project recognizes the fact that the best proof of quality is through the trial and the best marketing tool was by the word of mouth from people that had used it and recommend others around them and so the team has spent considerable amount of energy, effort and time in developing a top-notch platform that provides all the services users could need in one place while giving them the power to do more by deciding on the development steps of the platform they are participating on.

They also have recognized the need for a very high standard of security for the platform and the devastating effect security breaches could have on user confidence and have hence, have taken ultimate measures to ensure this and have even gone as far as employing the services of 3rd party companies to test the integrity of their servers and interaction nodes and the result of these test will be published.

The services the platform aims to bring to this yearning market include but are not limited to:

· The Coincasso exchange 2.0

· The Coincasso wallet app

· A quick exchange

· A payment gateway

· A network of ATM’s

· POS services

** check Website and Whitepaper for more info

The Coincasso exchange 2.0

This is to be much talked about centralized exchange with democratic principles. It aims to besides allowing the rapid and very easy trading and transacting in cryptocurrencies and allowing the users decide on what tokens to be added and what development strategies to be made, also provide users, new and existing alike with:

· An optimized user interface

· A wide range of order types (currently numbering about 9)

· Distribution of 80% of profits as bonuses to token holders

· 24/7 reliable and multilingual user support service

· And last but not least, a very high standard of security for all users.

The Coincasso wallet app

This is to provide a secure mobile facility for users to be able to hold their cryptocurrencies in. it is to have a very easy to use and understand user interface that will encourage even new user with no knowledge of the cryptocurrency mechanisms to be able to operate and partake with. It is also to be the medium of interaction with the vast network of Coincasso ATMs.

A quick exchange

As the name depicts, this facilitates the rapid exchange of Fiat and cryptocurrencies by new users that still find the use of the exchange too complicated for them. It connects with the proprietary API of the Coincasso exchange and hence, facilitates transactions with merchants and POS terminals.

Payment gateway

This will provide a payment gateway for the purchase of goods online on a very large number of recognized merchants such as Shopify, OPENCART, WOOCOMMERCE and a host of others. This will not only drive up the adoption of cryptocurrencies but also encourage the coming in of new participants that will then have little reasons to stay on traditional payment platforms.

Network of ATMs and POS

Users of the Coincasso platform will be able to withdraw and deposit their fiat or cryptocurrencies worldwide through the extensive network of ATM’s (to number up to 1000) and also, merchants will be able to accept tokens in their local store to be exchanged for Fiat currencies if they so wish.

How to become a user

Coincasso gives the highest regards for the security of all users and hence, to be a part of this wonderful project, all you need do is follow the following few and easy steps:

- register with e-mail, a password and a phone number

- verify identity (the higher the identity verification, the higher your withdrawal limits)

- undergo 2FA, SMS or e-mail verification or even a combination of two.

* randomly, to ensure safety and security of user's info, the Coincasso platform verifies through one means or another, its users.

Token Sale Info

Total number of tokens – 100 million CCX

Main sale – 70 million

Pre-sale – 5 million

Marketing partners – 3 million

Bounty – 1 million

Reserve – 20 million

Funds Use

Platform dev. – 30%

Marketing and events – 20%

ATM installation – 15%

Liquidity – 10%

Mobile app and Pay app dev. – 10%

Payment gateway – 5%

Operation costs – 5%

R&D – 5%

Added info

The Coincasso fully intends the maintenance of the ratio of tokens with users to those with the platform 80:20. Other projects are also in the pipeline of the Coincasso team which they intend to introduce at a later time in their bid to develop the industry and solve blockchain related issues. These projects include a foundation for blockchain developers, trading mobile apps, a blockchain academy, and to be trusted ICO/STO platform. 

Coincasso also ensures strict compliance with standards and regulations of locations it is present in, all while giving the best of services.


Aug. 2018 - Licenses received

Nov. 2018 – Beta exchange launched

Jan. 2019 – end of pre-sale

June 2019 – Exchange released

Oct. 2019 – ATMs installed.


The Coincasso project is co-founded by Luke and Marek Ozemski both with vast knowledge in their respective fields and very eager to bring solutions to problems in the crypto sphere, which is something they share a passion in.

Important links

Website https://coincasso.io/

Whitepaper https://coincasso.io/ENGLISH_CoinCasso_official_PLV1.pdf?v1.1

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/coincasso/

ANN thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5094658.new

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