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Presearch - The decentralized search engine that pays you to search

mracalfSep 3, 2018, 8:50:43 PM

Earn tokens for all the searches you have done on most of the sites you normally visit and profit from all your searches on the internet.

I've been introduced to Presearch and I'm testing Presearch on my browser and checking to see if it issues the tokens for all the research I've done and their system has really rewarded me with their tokens that are currently worth USD 0.111.

Click on the link to check the updated value of the PRE: LINK

The solution is very interesting because it is a decentralized search engine that protects you from the ideological bubbles planted by the algorithm of google and through a global system launches the best real results for your search.

In addition Presearch protect you from social bubbles and it has the ability to add diversified web-system buttons like Amazon, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. This allows you to search everything you need on every system you log in to your browser.

There is also a main menu on the Presearch home page that allows you to change the site buttons web site where you want to search, allowing you to add and remove buttons according to your preference of websites that you use on a day to day.

After modifying the site buttons that you use in the search and leaving them in the order of importance of what you most use to those who have less used your home page will stay more or less as is in the image below with other search buttons for the sites that you actually use.

Obviously in many cases you will not remember to go into the Presearch to do a search and for habit you will use google normally, so that's why in addition to presenting the Presearch I'll leave here a small tutorial on how to make your Presearch search by default on your browser and by this way you will not even need to open the site to win the PRE tokens.

Tutorial on how to make presearch your default search engine

First you will need to open the settings menu of your Google Chrome and click search engine management on search engines and add presearch as the default engine by placing the following link:

Copy and paste in the search url in your browser: https://www.presearch.org/search?term=%s

After adding Presearch as default you will not even see the difference because when you search using the address bar of your browser google will open normally only with the difference that now your searches will be yielding PRE and will no longer be manipulated by the bubble algorithm of the Google.

Link to subscribe to Presearch

To subscribe to Presearch and start earning your tokens just click on this link:


Thanks for reading my post, I hug you all.