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Information IEO Velic - Crypto Finance Platform

mnsidikFeb 3, 2019, 2:33:00 AM


Describing Velic as a project is an understatement,'' Velic can be definitely an Ecosystem that is being developed to tackle the issue of users security of funds and to enable users have access to many or all crypto currency-related services from only 1 portal, this would empower users to execute whatever they want to do from only one account and due to how secure their capital is, they do not need to disperse their funds in so many programs to keep it stable.


Successful blockchain-based ecosystems reward associates for participation.These rewards scale according to users' amount of participation. As involvement scales, the ecosystem will become more valuable for everybody. As such, it's vital that the token market certainly defines the specific activities it wishes members to take and reaping considerable benefits as a way to build increased participation.

Successful token economies solve three economic problems, as below:

1) Behavior incentive - Incentivize members to conduct specific behaviors that contribute positively to ecosystem growth

2) Possession incentive - Provide a tangible benefit for using or holding a token. Such tokens are rewarded for conducting specific actions within the ecosystem

3) Network incentive - Incentivize existing members to increase the frequency of actions, while incentivizing new members to join

Developed by VELIC Tokens

The VELIC Platform will feature three tokens, each with a specific use case within the platform, with the facility to connect users with the world outside the VELIC and crypto ecosystem.


VELT tokens drive the VELIC ecosystem. It can be mined through platform participation and can be used in connection with various services in the VELIC ecosystem in the form of reduced fees. VELT tokens can be acquired by buying or selling any coin pairs at our exchange. Mining of VELT tokens is proportional to the exchange trading fees incurred by the users.

VELA (VELIC Authority)

Each VELA token includes a 1:1 conversion ratio with VELT tokens. It is used chiefly for longterm holders and storage who opt to do so are rewarded in the kind of rebates on market trading fees. These commission rebates are centered on the consumer's possessed share of VELA exemptions relative to the whole volume of VELA tokens as of this moment.


A VELD token may be your VELIC stable coin it is perhaps not pegged to VELT or even VELA tokens. It will additionally be used for obligations in the future. It serves as a continuous store of value, preserving a users' wealth within The VELIC Platform.


SECURE VAULT: This is the most essential feature from the Velic Ecosystem, they state health is wealth and also this implies to resources too, it's once you are able to ensure their safety which you're guaranteed to be rich, Velic Vault is a great deal more than only a vault, in addition, it has key loss-prevention that will enable your move your funds in case if an unforseen situation.

LOAN SERVICES: Just as the name impliesyou will give and access Crypto loans in the Velic Ecosystem at an excellent rate of interest.

CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE: I suppose this one will not require explaining, a stable and speedy cryptocurrency exchange could be comprised at the Velic Ecosystem, this is always to make certain that users don't have to start external accounts any time they should exchange crypto assets.

INVESTMENT SERVICES: There would be a broad array of investment products accessible to the sponsors of all Velic.

Now about the IEO of the project:

Token Allocation



From the author:

I would like to say I'm simply doing reviews on endeavors and also expressing my opinion concerning that or this product, as well as executing the ideas that the developers are offering to us. I do not in any way encourage you to invest, as investment is a matter of every user's personal choice. Also, I'm not a financial expert who could give info on investments. You take such decisions purely on your own. I would like to remind one that I do not bear any responsibility for your investments. Read my reviews and learn plenty of interesting ideas. Have a great day!

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