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Orvium – The New Generation of the Scientific Industry of Innovation

mirofameAug 2, 2018, 11:55:34 AM

Science is what turns the Earth around and is responsible for all the innovations and inventions in technology. Every day we experience the aftermath of all the scientific researches made to this day, we take the knowledge we received through science and use it accordingly. But here comes the catch, there are a number of problems, which are making the current model insufficient.

Many scientific discoveries are already made and make our life easier, but the people who came up with these ideas are not the ones who are praised and well- paid, but the publishers. This is one big flaw in this sphere, because these scientists are exactly the people who give their time and effort to accomplish something big, and at the end are not appreciated enough.

☑️Orvium - Idea

Orvium is a project which offers a great innovative solution to the problems, connected to scientific discoveries. This company is giving an amazing opportunity to the researchers, namely, to upload their work on the platform. This way their research will reach more people, everything will be transparent and clear from the beginning.

The fact that the platform uses blockchain technology is even further proof that decentralization is a huge step towards the future. On the platform scientists would be able to collaborate and share knowledge; furthermore, they will be paid accordingly for the things they discover. This is the right way for the scientific industry to work, because the fact that the researchers are giving their life for the purpose of accomplishing great things and are, in fact, so unappreciated, is pulling back the process.


When talking about giants in the blockchain industry, we should take a good look at their Roadmap and how well the different projects are managing their funds, time and plans in the future. Here we can see one strictly organized map, which consists of 6 phases, each with unique, yet familiar names – Nebula, Red Giant, Super Nova, White Dwarf, Neutron Star, and Pulsar. The first is probably the most important one, because it deals with the development of the main idea of the project, the marketing campaign and the formation of the team.

The Red Giant is taking place from the second quarter of 2018 to the third one, or in other words, the current milestone. It is reserved for the Public Token Sale, and for another big accomplishment – the launching of the platform.

What is really intriguing about the Roadmap is that it shows in great detail what are the goals for the different phases and how are they connected to the platform and the Science and Technology as a whole.


What caught my eye during my first look at the team was that every one of them has experience in some big names in the history of science and research, like NASA, CERN, Costco, Asos, etc.

The main team is formed by the three co-founders – Manuel Martin, Antonio Romero, and Roberto Rabasco. From October 2007 Manuel Martin works for CERN in the department for Data Engineering and Data Management, and from July 2012 he is promoted as Big Data Engineer and Data Scientist, which is one great accomplishment.

Antonio Romero also has a history with CERN, where he was first Software and Database Engineer, and then Software Data Engineer. From 2017 he is a member of another team, the one of Vokswagen LAB, where he gains further experience.

Roberto Rabasco has more than 13 years of experience, as he worked for T-Systems, Lantek, Belron, BooleanCloud, and Asos. He takes all this previous knowledge and applies it here, on the platform, in order to provide the best support.

Apart from them, there are three small teams of Scientific Advisors, Business Strategy Advisors, and Tech Advisors, which is indicative of how important it is for the whole team to succeed in this and to make sure that they are doing everything in the best way possible.

✅Website & Whitepaper

Having in mind that everything we want to know is only one cock away, it was inevitable to check the website of Orvium in order to make sure that the project is taking care of the overall appearance. I was not disappointed at all, there everyone can find all the information needed without any hard time. It is made very easy and approachable; there are videos and pictures, which illustrate the information given in an understandable and interesting way.

The Whitepaper is very important for everyone who wants to take a good look at the project and its future plans for development. It is 46 pages long and is very easy to read. There you can find every little bit of information about the whole idea, the team, the Roadmap.


The pre-sale took place from June to July 2018, and the bonus during that time was 10%, while during the Public Sale, which would be from the end of July until August, 1 ORV would be estimated to $0.1. The Hard Cap is equal to $20.000.000, while the maximum token supply is around 379M. 60% of the supply is allocated for the sales.


This is one innovative idea, which absolutely deserves the attention it receives. It is dealing with problems of our life, problems, which can be disruptive without taking care of. I am looking forward to seeing what the future is going to bring to this amazing idea and how and if the team is going to meet the needs of the researchers. What I admire most is the fact that scientists are going to be rewarded like they deserve and that they will have full control over their own work, like it should have been from the start.

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Orvium's Website: https://orvium.io/#

Orvium's Whitepaper: https://orvium.docsend.com/view/nvr6ywj

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