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Cryptassist – Cryptocurrencies are the New Fiat Money, But Better

mirofameJul 23, 2018, 6:33:33 PM

In our daily life we encounter the magnificence of the blockchain technology more often than ever before. This is a great improvement in the existence of the humans and its importance and popularity are increasing among us. Not everyone uses cryptocurrencies, but everyone is familiar with the way they work and how they affect our life.

Blockchain provides qualities, which we definitely crave for in order to be sure that our money are safe and secure. This technology is used from a great number of companies, not only because of the transparency it provides, but also because of the market opportunities it provides. People need comfort, security and transparency, when dealing with their money, and Cryptassist is there to ensure its users that their needs would be met.

☑️Cryptassist – Idea

The cryptocurrency world is living its almost peak years, but there are certain points, without which the top is unreachable. Cryptassist is coming to the rescue. It is a project with the aim to transform the cryptomarket and to help cryptocurrencies reach people’s everyday life like never before. It would not matter if you have several years of experience in the cryptoworld, or you are rookie with no real knowledge about the cryptocurrencies, it does not matter, because Cryptassist is taking care of everyone and is making everything easy to use and understand.

When talking about blockchain and cryptocurrency no one expects innovations, only the well-known qualities and mechanisms. Here we can see how the benefits from different platforms and ideas are gathered in only one platform. People can actually use their cryptocurrencies as payment method in the real world, using Cryptassist Debit Card. This card allows its holder to use up to fifty different cryptocurrencies. What is more, the fees are lower than average and helping the users to increase their income without unnecessary high-priced fees. With this card you can use every ATM machine around the world and every purchase can be made both online and offline.

Another great innovation, offered by Cryptassist is CryptoGo – a game which will help everyone take a better look at the prices, airdrops and dates, from people with experience in the sphere, to people without even a tint of knowledge on the topic- everyone would be able to use the game, it would be easy, funny and most importantly- rewarding. This game is similar to PokemonGo, but with the main difference that people would enjoy their game and earn money at the same time.

Cryptassist is taking every aspect of everyday life and turns it into a profitable project. Such an example is Cryptstarter, a version similar to Kickstarter. This is a popular way to raise funds for new creative projects, but here in this new case- the funds do not need to be in fiat money and people would be able to help project creators with their ideas. There would be roadmaps presented and people would choose if what they see is credible and if they want to invest in these projects and how much they are ready to give.

Cryptassist Exchange is the next spot, which brings the future in one simple platform. People would be able to experience the most of the trading world. Moreover, there would be 50% discounts if the trades are made with the help of CTA coins. Users would be able to buy currencies at lower prices, they would be able to use the platform for different purchases and trades, and it would be easy to use for both experienced and non-experienced users.

Cryptassist ChatPay is the next interesting innovation available on the platform. Via this chat users would be able to find nearby users and communicate with then, purchase goods, or exchange currencies. The communication would be private; the payments- secure, the interface- easy to use, the fees- the lowest possible.

✅Cryptassist Philanthropy Innovation Application

This application would be taking care of the non-profit organizations and mostly the donations for them, because these days more and more organizations do not receive the money that are being donated by other companies, because of the lack of transparency and security. Here Cryptassist Philanthropy Innovation (CPI) takes the lead and uses blockchain technology to track and verify the donations and making sure that the donors’ money are right where they need to be.

☑️Cryptassist Freelancer

On the platform one could find also a freelance service, which serves as a link between people or different businesses in order to collaborate and profit from one another. People would describe what they have to offer and can be chosen directly from the platform.

Employers would pay the full price once they are fully satisfied with the freelancers’ work done, and would be able to communicate and give directions to the freelancers through the chat section. Both the posting of different projects and the posting of the users’ profiles and “CVs” would be free of charge. The employees would be paid either fiat money or any other cryptocurrency of their choice.


Every great idea, every successful project needs a structured and strictly organized plan for action. In order for the process to be untouchable and to operate smoothly, there should be a concrete and yet detailed roadmap, where every step is illustrated and is corresponding to the time and effort needed for its achievement.

The Cryptassist’s Roadmap is covering the period from the second half of 2017 up until the end of 2019. The first milestones, faced during 2017 were the birth of the idea of the project’s concept and the formation of the team.

2018 is reserved for a number of great achievements among which are the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the listing of the coins used on the platform, the introduction of the Debit Card, and the launching of the platform. What is more, the mobile application will be fully launched at the end of the year and the CryptAssist Freelancer, which I mentioned above, would be implemented on the platform.

2019 is the year of more development, implementation of algorithms, additional features, and more, which everyone interested can check on the project’s Whitepaper.

☑️Team behind the Project

It is not possible for an idea to become reality without an experienced team, taking care of the realization. According to the information given on the official website and the Whitepaper, the core team consists of 16 members, knowledgeable in different areas and contributing to the success of the project.

The CEO of the company is Henri Oostebring. His working experience dates back to 2010, when he worked for Blokhutwereld for three and a half years. Then he worked as a Sales Manager for MSBK and Dalvytra. He is familiar with the crypto world from its beginning and is an investor, miner, and trader, which means that he knows the needs of the users and how to meet them.

Matthijs Giesen is the Management Consultant and although he is young, he used every opportunity for internships and developed his skills in order to become better and better version of himself. From 2002 and his job at Telecom, he worked as an Account Manager at Rabobank Amstel and Finabank NV.

The third team member I am going to pay more attention to is Imran Rahman. He is the CTO of Cryptassist and has more than 13 years of experience. For around 4 years he worked at Halosys Technologies. Then, for 2 more years he was a Team Leader at SynapseIndia. Apart from his duties for Cryptassist, he is still a Solutions Architect, handling the Blockchain, Crypto and Emerging Technologies for Mobiloitte.

The team of Advisors consists of 13 experienced members, each with different experience and knowledge. All of them are taking care of the decisions made by the core team and without their help, the project would not have the best chances to get to the top, like the ones they have now.

✅Review of the Website & Whitepaper

Nowadays, people are able to reach every kind of information via the Internet. This is the place where everything available and waiting for you to find it. That is why the website of every company is a key part of the success and popularity among the future users. Here, in this case, the site is made with such a touch on the details that everyone can appreciate the effort. On the page one can find information on the idea of the project, the team members and the Roadmap. There is also a chat section, where users can contact directly the team and ask them questions.

The Whitepaper consists of 58 pages, which is a fair amount of pages for such an interesting project. The document offers a great deal of detailed information on the idea behind the project, the different aspects of the development of the company. There is a variety of diagrams and pictures, illustrating the given information and helping the readers to stay interested and focused on the content.

☑️ICO – Dates and Prices

The ICO is taking place from June 28th, 2018 to August 11th the same year or right until the Hard Cap is reached. The price for 1 CTA coin is estimated to $0.05. The Soft cap for the period is $36.98 M, while the Hard Cap is $236.25 M.

The amount of coins, which would be used in the sale, is 6.75 B CTA. The coins, reserved for the team members and which will be locked for 6 months, are equal to 1.5 B CTA. For Bounty program there would be reserved 25 M CTA and for Airdrops, listings and other activities – 1.725 B CTA would be available.

✅Comparison to Other Projects

If I should compare the idea of this project to one such of a different company, what came to my mind was BABB. I am not sure if you are familiar with it but I will try to summarize its ideas and how it resembles some of the aspects, shown by Cryptassist.

BABB is a project, aimed at the banking fields and the everyday problems of people, dealing with bank accounts and what not. The idea of BABB is for a future without prejudice, segregation, or other differences and obstacles, which prevent particular parts of the society of opening bank accounts. What is more, this company is taking into consideration all the difficulties one could face when dealing with the current banking system, and is whipping them from the face of the earth.

Another important aspect is the team, as I mentioned earlier and in this case both teams are full of very experienced people, with many years of experience, knowledge in different aspects and most importantly- bright views on the future and how exactly to develop their ideas in such a way, that they would become part of the future of the most part of the population.

Both BABB and Cryptassist are implementing Debit Cards to help their users receive their money from every ATM available for them and to make life easier for everyone. Both teams are aimed at reaching the investors and help them have the best experience possible, while dealing with money. Both projects rely on transparency, security and quality of service and these are key factors of great success.

⚠️Why I Like This Project

I am going to end this article the way I started it- explaining why I am so interested in the project and why I find it really promising. The idea behind it is going to completely change our perspectives and how we see cryptocurrencies. People need security and transparency when talking about money and this is what they get, after joining the Cryptoassist ecosystem. According to me, this idea would definitely help people find jobs, make money, and be sure that their profits are safe and secure.

What I really like about this project is the aspect that it takes real life problems and finds their best solutions, in order to eliminate more of the already existent flaws in the systems. With all these chat rooms, games and investment plans, this platform is making the holding of cryptocurrency one big game- easy, pleasant, but also serious, secure and trustworthy. This is what everyone needs and what all of us deserve.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

Website: https://www.cryptassist.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.cryptassist.io/assets/downloads/whitepaper.pdf

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