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I am a Western Chauvinist and I refuse to apologize for creating the modern world. POYB Http:// Official website Official Store

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1.POYB 2.Website link猬囷笍 for great Articles 3.Who are we? And what does this website stand for? First and foremost, we are a Political organization! Fighting and exposing the leftist agenda! We stand against communism, Marxism,postmodernism,socialism and Political Correctness. We unequivocally support Freedom, Capitalism and America. We believe Leftists are attempting to dominate society and culture and because of our knowledge of history. This has taught us where this road ends Because of this we feel it is our duty to counter that narrative anyway we can. Whether that is with videos, Articles, on the ground Activism or Some Dank Memes, this is the platform for that fight. We are here to support activists and there organizations any way we can as long as we have the same ideals we will support you ! We are simply ordinary men and women who see what鈥檚 happening to our country and can not just sit idly by and watch it happen. We are STOP COMMUNISM IN AMERICA!

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Aug 2018
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