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My official statement on MakeGamesGreatAgain (MarkFromAGP).

MineyaSep 5, 2021, 5:42:31 AM


Proving Mark Right.

I'm really sorry to do this fam, but I can't reply to this person, I tried to after he told me to "talk to his face" but he deleted the comments and re-blocked me when I did.

So, I have to make a public post and bring all this stupid drama to light.
Now I could take the high road and ignore it, but I've done that for 3 or 4 months now and @MakeGamesGreatAgain still continues to slander me.

I tried talking to him, and I believe I was being very reasonable but he blocked me from responding again.

A long time ago, in an internet chatroom far away, a humble Mineya stated he "wasn't the target audience" for a book, I then made a meme about a scene I found funny and sent it to the author, who reminded it and also found it funny. Because y'know: That's life. People are different.

Doing so caused @makegamesgreatagain to start kicking people from his writing group without warning. I saw this and decided to peace the fudge out, not wanting to have any part in this and I left the chat room without even making a single comment. Not worth my time. I'm here to have fun, engage with creatives, support the creative community and share my work.

Apparently, that was not enough as I(and many others) have been publically slandered and conspired against for months. At first, it was humorous and now it... well, it's still humorous. But it's verging on boring and I feel like, seeing as he told me to: talk about it.

@Makegamesgreatagain is a person who pretends that everything he is doing is to build his professional brand, fight censorship and cancel culture and support the writing community.

His actions to support this narrative are to bully the people he doesn't like off of the internet. He supports mass blocking and actively tells people not to engage with people he doesn't agree with. He insults and attacks book reviewers for having a different opinion from him, he even went on public radio and slandered Aragmars readers (again!).

(See the screenshots provided and the comments on this Goodreads review.

he also does this weird thing where he unblocks me randomly, likes my posts, and then quickly blocks me. So I get these notifications. What's up with that? If you're out there Mark: Why do you do this?

Now that you have this knowledge, I am going to address the legitimate concerns I have about @MakeGamesGreatAgain .

Mark went on the radio show over the past week where he made some pretty big claims.
he stated that he:

Is an Author
Graduated 3D Design School
An Artist
An Expert Marketer

This made me suspicious as I have seen his work, he sent me advanced copies and asked me to include my Comic Book lead in his "game". I did leave a comment with my suspicions on the radio host's post hoping for some elaboration. The comment was deleted.

Marks "work" includes a character sheet and a rule book. That's all he has. the "artwork" is drawn in...what I presume was either MS Paint or Powerpoint using pre-made shapes and stick figures. It may have improved since then, but that is what I saw.

He doesn't have campaigns written, he doesn't have a story he just has an idea. It's a common problem for most creatives. 

On Mark claiming to be an Author: Where? Show me your novel/s where can I read it?. Mark is not an Author. He is a "writer" with nothing to show but empty promises.

On Mark claiming he is an Artist and that he has graduated 3D Design school: Look at his logo. It's not even centered. Did Mark graduate from 3D design school? Maybe in the early '80s. Towards the end of the radio interview he also mentions he wants to take his work to Kickstarter so that he can fund a 3D designer and Artist to make his works, but at the start of the interview claims he is an artist and a 3d designer. 

That raised a massive red flag for me, this guy wants to take your money to fund a project based on claims that in my opinion are highly embellished or simply not true.

On Mark being an Expert Marketer: During the radio show Mark's audio was all over the place, he didn't even talk into his microphone half of the time. You could hear him panicking and clacking away at his keyboard looking for talking points and answers. The Chat and the Radio hosts asked him multiple times to fix his audio.

When it came to promoting his work: he couldn't find it. Didn't think to send an advanced copy to the Hosts before the show and he didn't even know his own Social Media handles. This led the hosts of the radio show to frantically search for them live on air. Mark was shocked to find out the social 
media handles he was promoting weren't his own. 

He then tapers off the interview by insulting Aragmar's readers/fans which is a whole different drama that I encourage you all to look into. He then starts making fun of a book reviewer from good reads and bragging about how he dealt with her, claiming a moral high ground. You'll see in the screenshots just how this 50? year-old man "dealt" with her. In the effort of bringing the creative community together, of course.

He also continues to claim he is "figure heading" the Library Initiative. If you're unsure what that is, it's an initiative created by a different mind's author/reader to encourage people to get Indie novels into their local libraries, making indie books easier to access and more available to a wider range of people. It's a really good cause. Mark did not create the Library Initiative, He is not Figureheading it. He has almost nothing to do with it at all other than re-posting the original creator's posts. It's just another one of his many lies.

So, I believe my skepticism is justified.

Don't take my word for it though, listen for yourself here: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/starchambershow/2021/09/02/the-star-chamber-show-280-a-visit-with-mark-schuenemann

Now, Mark claims he's doing all of this to help create his professional brand. He's worried that if people see what I post and do and associate it with him that they won't want to work with him. This is how he justifies all of this. I'm not a prude, however, if you go check out Mark's social media handles you'll quickly discover that most of his posts are reposts of lewd (and questionably aged) anime girls. (Remember, Mark is a 50 something-year-old man. Not a 17-year-old.). The rest of his content is mostly political. So once again: I don't buy it. If he really cared about how he looked to professionals he wouldn't have the handle "Makegamesgreatagain" he wouldn't be reposting anime lewds and he definitely wouldn't be posting all of the Pro-Trump stuff. Maybe I'm wrong, he does claim to be a marketing expert, after all, something I am not.

He also claims publically that I (and some people I interact with) are trouble makers, trolls and not to interact with us because all we do is "create drama" etc... I've been over this already and it's in the screenshots. What I've also included in the screenshots is a DM from him encouraging and asking us to do it more.

I don't hate Mark, I don't dislike him. I feel sorry for him because he clearly has some kind of mental instability or misdiagnosed learning disability. I think he needs professional help and I want to see him overcome this and become a better person. I want to see him in 5 years living a happy life driving a fancy car. I want that for everyone I interact with. 

He might not like me, he might not want to hear what I have to say. He definitely does not want me to make this blog post but maybe this is the lengths I have to go to for him to realize what he is doing and better himself. I'm not afraid of dishing out tough love to people in hopes that they succeed and I'm not afraid to receive it either.

So where does that leave me? What should I do now?. I have no idea. Guess I'll post some memes.
If you hate the fact that I've had to make this drama public and maybe dampen your social feed: I do too. I hate this. It's not why any of us are here but enough is enough, I'll always stand up against bullies. Hopefully, this post will serve as the be-all-end-all to his petty BS and he can move on with his life.

If you're one of the many people who have been attacked, abused, slandered by him, you have my sympathies. If you need someone to talk to: my DM's are open and I encourage you to stand up for yourself. Don't let this manchild bully you. You have my support and the support of so many other people on Minds.

Oh, and, He asked me to post the screenshots, so, don't worry. I have permission.


Some (not all) of the screenshots: