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Who Is Driving The Car?

mindsyncMar 10, 2019, 5:49:49 AM

There are days when I feel complete, where I ask myself who is driving the car? and get a sound response. “I’m driving the car” that’s me large and in charge. This is the result of great effort but it wasn’t always like this for there was a time when I would be freaking out of my mind because I was in the passenger seat of the car driving the wrong way on the highway in the fast lane, such memories were not my fondest by any means but they were an essential part of my process in order to become the individual I am today. Incisive worrying used to be an obsession, a continuous malicious self-inflicted loop of pure pain, death by a thousand cuts in the mental sense, I mean if there was a thought that I grappled with immensely, the sadistic pain would carry on for weeks until I would work it out the loop, until another thought of immense bother would fill its place and so it all continued until I had enough, enough of not being in control of my own state of mind. 

So, I decided to put my foot down, take control and become the master. This in essence was the first step towards the realization that the great war of sorts is on the mental plane. Time to act, mental exercise was needed, I need to strengthen myself for I was about to do battle in my own mind against a foe who at a quick glance had a stark resemblance to myself but with greater discernment I realized it wasn’t me but a facet of my being called the lower self. Your lower self is a master of deception used to perfection whenever one is feeling less than. All it needs is a crack, a chink in the armor and it’s show time for your lower self otherwise known as Mr mention. Mr mention only mentions things with bad intentions.

 Imagine this, driving your car to work, your supposed to be focused on the road right, but you’re not, a thought just crossed your mind about some disagreement you had with a fellow coworker a week ago and now you’re thinking if you were the boss how you would have treated that coworker or if you would have been quick witted enough how you would have responded to said individual, but throughout all of these thoughts you never once stopped to ask yourself where is all these nonsensical thoughts coming from, ideas that hold zero significance to this current moment in my life and here in such a moment is the most opportune time to ask yourself “who is driving the car?” are these my thoughts or are they something from Mr. mention. Surely enough you will start to see that a lot of these thoughts are not of your own but are simply negative loops meant to distract you from your greater goal at hand, so please be mindful and ask yourself who is driving the car? for you sure don’t want to end up driving the wrong way on the highway in the fast lane with your ass in the passenger seat in your own mind.