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Navigating The 80/20 Split.

mindsync1111Feb 22, 2019, 3:14:46 AM

What in the world could I be talking about 80/20 split, from the get I’ll say 80/20 is me being extremely optimistic because that’s the optics I choose to observe the world with. Navigating this world can be a daunting task and at times you feel like a pinball snapped at full tilt, but the truth is that everything is a choice in the end. Some choose to get pushed and pulled, while others choose to be the ones doing the pushing and pulling and then there are the ones who tend to be self-aware, perfectly content with responding to each situation accordingly. Growing up in an environment with strife can be a powerful thing if strife is transmuted correctly, for me personally my upbringing imprinted on me a callus nature which helped me to develop something called a bullshit detector, hence we now arrive at the 80/20 split. 

80/20 for me means the ratio of fake individuals vs real individuals ones. Sadly, many people can’t discern one from the other, they go through life constantly getting screwed by friends and family with a post-it stapled on their forehead that says fresh meat. One of the realest statements I’ve heard in my life is that “Real Recognizes Real”, so simple yet true. I would never say that I am a tough individual but what I would say is that I am real because I live and die by my convictions. My number one thing is that at any given moment I am willing to die for what I believe in and as a result I have avoided many confrontations because If someone doesn’t have the same level of conviction he will always back down simply because the stakes of crossing path with an individual such as myself is just too high. 

The eighty percenters, these are the ones that will smile in your face and stab you in the back. They are extremely uncomfortable around self-aware individuals, it’s pretty similar as to how an impala would feel next to a lion, they get shaky, stutter, nervous tics all while your just numb to it all. I don’t do it to be mean, I just do it to feel the energetic exchange so I can discern who it is that I am dealing with and as I said earlier eighty percent of the time they are of that shifty nature. Always looking for a way to weasel, scam and manipulate but you can’t let them in never, always keep them at bay. For if in an instance you lose focus you may end up paying a dreadful price. The eighty percenters are still in transition and not fully mature spiritually, they are only accepting of one polarity but for me I am accepting of both, I am both good and bad at all times. The twenty percenters are the ones I’m here to collaborate and grow with for they are very much aware of the dynamic nature of the universe, ever seeking more for they know that man’s greatest flaw is unfulfilled potential.

I am curious though What’s your thoughts on the actual split or, are you in agreement with my 80/20 split?