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Chasing Your Dreams, 100% Fixed Or 100% Open

mindsyncMar 2, 2019, 7:59:36 PM

Dreams, we all have them aspirations of greatness an inner desire to release what’s muttered from that little voice that’s deep within. But how do you attain this dream for at your core your scared and secondly you have not the slightest idea of where to start. Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me and those are ideas that don’t facilitate dreams they debilitate them, stifle them like a fire without oxygen. Now on the other hand if your self-talk is that it’s already done, the universe is always collaborating with me and that everything is for the greater good, these things are enablers, boosters towards your grandiose dreams.

The one thing you have to ask yourself though is how hard do you go, the general consensus would be to go 100%, go hard or go home right, but upon further investigation and from disheartening life experiences I’d say 100% is partially correct and here in which lies another subtlety of life. For most the first approach would be 100% fixed, which means put your head down and grind, your clawing so hard at your dreams your nails are falling off but your still going it’s a bloody mess, painful indeed and believe you me someone such as this may or may not attain their dreams it just depend on how much pain they can tolerate unnecessarily, and that was said deliberately because sometimes extreme pain can be unnecessary, but there is an alternative, something I found out through meaningful thinking and of course failures, which impacted me to the point I thought maybe I’ll go after my dreams at 80% but I found out that this too wasn’t right that’s when I discovered 100% open.

100% open is being in the flow of life, your grinding just as hard as someone that’s 100% fixed but you are very much receptive to change. You see there are times in life when we are head strung about a particular path or direction but the reality is it may not be the best for us, so in a case such as that you divert 5% to testing out this new variance and low and behold it’s pretty smooth and it aligns with your objectives. Next you might go 20% and things go even better which eventually makes you a convert to the new path which is saving you a ton of time and money towards your dreams and it was all possible because you were fluid like water, you moved around, over or under it doesn’t always have to be a dust cloud with blood and guts being spilt. So, as you can see 100% fixed can be painful and costly while 100% open can act as a slingshot propelling you towards pure and utter greatness to which you are essentially at your core. So, what do you think where do you fall are you a 100% fixed or a 100% open type of individual?