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Minds Is Now A Censorship-Resistant Progressive Web App

MindsApr 21, 2022, 6:18:05 PM

It's now common knowledge that major app stores are choke points for de-platforming. Luckily, Minds is currently still available on both Google Play, the App Store and can be downloaded directly to Android phones from https://minds.com/mobile, but we have had issues with both stores in the past, including suspensions, and we are laser focused on consistently protecting the network against censorship. 

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) make apps more resilient against removal by enabling the application to be added to the home screen of a phone directly, outside app stores, in the dropdown menu on Chrome (Brave), Safari, and others. From here, the mobile web app opens and behaves similarly to a native app on your phone. 

Additionally, Minds as a PWA enables us to achieve browser push notifications, better caching, performance, background syncs, remembering scroll positions and so on. These features will appear on Minds soon. To start, add Minds to the home screen of your phone so you don't have to use it on your mobile browser any more! 

Thanks to our developers https://minds.com/manishoo, https://minds.com/omadrid, https://minds.com/mark and others for the amazing effort! 

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