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August Updates

MindsAug 6, 2019, 7:27:18 PM

Q3 is resulting in massive progress. An incredible amount of work is happening behind the scenes to improve our DevOps flow and integration testing in order to stop bugs from sneaking into production. We are also learning from your feedback to optimize a number of features.


After we rolled out the ability to boost for up to 10,000 views OnChain the network experienced a backlog from overwhelming demand. Until we can increase our available inventory, we are rolling back this update and implementing a daily cap of 10 OffChain tokens which should result in your boosts being completed much more quickly. There will be no daily cap for OnChain boosts.

Soon we will be rolling out a new Campaigns feature for Boost which will allow you to target at different hashtags, schedule time-frames and request more impressions. In a future release you will be able to earn by serving boosts on your channel and content. The incorporation of scheduling should significantly help to optimize our delivery capacity, provide estimates for completion times and reduce the risk of any backlog issues.

There is nothing more important to us than helping get your content seen and evolving the Boost system. As one of our most popular features and incentives, it deserves serious development attention.

Exciting things we are working on

- Multi-currency support for Wire including ETH, BTC and USD

- Translations in top global languages

- Website theme with custom domains

- Analytics

- Better visibility and access controls

- Open source API and Docs

- Rewards enhancements

- Server side rendering

- Decentralization protocols

If you want to keep track of what we are doing get involved on Gitlab.

Thanks for your constructive feedback and support!