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Every account on Minds.com would make over six figures if there was a mass social media migration and here's why

micahMar 17, 2019, 10:28:05 PM

Call me crazy, but if Instagram, Twitter or Facebook lost even just 1% of their user base, every single existing minds.com account would be worth over 6 figures in tokens. Stay with me...here's the math on it..

Now, minds tokens basically are worth $1, due to their advertising value of 1,000 impressions, which is called CPM on Google adwords, Bing ads & Facebook ad networks.

The user base of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined is right about 1.7 Billion users. If Minds.com gained 1% of that, that would be right at 100M users. The reminds, likes and follows that would come from that amount of users joining the platform would trigger token payouts of at least 100,000 for most users currently on the platform.

The influx of users would solidify the demand for advertising, causing tokens to stabilize at AT LEAST $1 per token, making the majority of the accounts currently on minds worth over 100k if they were to cash out.

Cashing out wouldn't be hard at all, as Facebook has reported over $1B in revenue from advertising money that was spent by advertisers just this last quarter, that's a rough average every quarter. The influx of users would create a buzz that would quickly have large insurance and auto companies jumping over to grab a portion of the tokens needed to create boosted ads on minds.

The potential for this is there, the only question that exists is....will you help bring the 1% of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter's user base over and get this 100K or not?