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Tesla and the Pyramids

mhtbmJan 5, 2019, 4:53:59 PM

"Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to your work and accomplishments. The present belongs to them, but the future that I have always worked for belongs to me." - Nikola Tesla

The Tesla Experiment

We know of Nikola Tesla as the lone genius responsible for the electric motor, radio, leisure, wireless remote control, discovery of x-rays and radar...


All tesla radio patents


We know that he has sought above all to serve mankind, not himself for profit.

In fact, despite his extraordinary contributions, he is little known or credited for his genius.

At the 1893 World's Fair, Tesla transmitted electricity naturally to light a lamp he held in his hands, and that he created the Tesla coil, which is more used to show than the function it should serve.

More importantly, we know that Tesla inflexibly claimed to have perfected the method of free and wireless energy utilization and transmission from a source using the Earth's electromagnetic nature.

In the patent filed in September 1897, he stated that at 9000 meters altitude there was a layer of "rarefied air" that would lead to electric currents at high voltages.

Their proposed system was a transmitter consisting of a high voltage resonant transformer that increased the voltage produced by an alternating current generator to millions of volts. 

A wire suspended by a flask would transfer the current to the atmosphere. 

At the receiving point, a balloon-like electrode would receive electricity and a transformer would reduce the voltage to a convenient potential to be used by consumers.

In an experiment in the last week of July 1903, nearby residents claimed to have successfully witnessed Tesla conduct their experiment in the Wardencyffe tower - while Tesla himself later shared how his new method of conductivity illuminated the night sky as if it were a giant fluorescent tube.

Wardenclyffe Tower

It has been said - although he has successfully transmitted wireless images and sounds, although all his work has been mercilessly destroyed, this can not be proven.

Unfortunately, all of its technology was confiscated shortly afterward, apparently the money it owed was far more important to its financiers than the potential to provide free energy to the planet.

Tesla died in poverty, and the American government destroyed its tower on the grounds that it was being used by German spies ... the implications of the world's free power may have changed our history forever.

Let's compare the technology of Tesla and the pyramids: location, height, electromagnetic materials.

Giza and Tesla

We have seen the induction between copper wires working for short distances.

And for long-distance transfer, this same principle can be applied when the acoustic energy is converted into kinetic energy, and the frequencies correspond .. In the form of a sound wave and the frequency of resonance of a glass will break it.

Therefore, if there is a magnetically oscillating current - and you create a second one that has the same frequency - transmit wirelessly, even through the walls.

The frequency that would have been released from the pyramid would have to have been combined in the surrounding area ...

Maybe that explained the obelisks.

These tall monuments Contain a pyramid-shaped quartz stone at the top.

The quartz in the obelisks would vibrate as a result of the vibrations propagated by the great pyramid, generating piezoelectricity.

This would also explain the ancient sculptures found in Egypt, which clearly indicate the sources of light, it is incomprehensible to think that one could argue.

In the temple of Hathor, the Dendera light is one of these images, which resembles perfectly modern electrical technology, showing a wire inside a lamp-like area and a box that appears to be a receiver.

The depiction of the Dendera Light Bulb


Traditional historians mock and make more primitive conclusions, but still, the pyramids show no signs of soot from flaming torches. 

Instead, there are several sculptures that show these "antennae" - like objects that appear to be a transmitter, close to another object in the form of a symbol.

Given what we know, it seems much more believable that the great pyramid would work.

Using the same principles and conditions that Tesla sought to demonstrate ... that they conducted and directed electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere, where it generated and transmitted wireless electricity to the receivers inside of civilization.

Complex of Giza and surroundings with electricity.

This theory works in conjunction with Harmony, and still adds new purposes and functionalities to the theory below.



You must have read it at the beginning of the blog that Tesla invented the radio. The radio? It wasn't Marconi or Landell de Moura?





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