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Nobody needs walls. Break them all.

mhtbmJan 9, 2019, 2:15:56 PM

"This privilege of feeling at home anywhere belongs only to kings, prostitutes, and thieves." - Honoré de Balzac

Why do we need walls?

What's your use?

The motive is as obvious as the need to breathe.


Keep everything behind the sheltered wall.


Your family. 

Your goods.

I ask you, would you allow the entrance of someone unknown without your authorization?

That's what I thought.

We have seen Mexicans trying to illegally enter the United States.

There are countries that strongly punish illegal entry.

I'm not talking about deportation.

I'm talking about arrest.


Without wishing to enter into the merits of Mexicans, it would be impossible to argue without such examples.

Mexico is not a country with a humanitarian crisis.

Not at war.

These can be real and shocking reasons.

Let's be honest and factual.

It's not the case.

I would like to live in the USA myself.

Perhaps the country that gives greater individual freedom to the people.

But just as I do not enter a residence that is not mine and I have not been invited.

I would never attempt to enter a country illegally endangering the physical integrity of my family.

You must be thinking, but that's your choice.

For sure. Everyone makes their choices.

Goods and bads.

Do you think you deserve it and can force entry into a house other than yours?

What do you think would happen?

And so what makes a human being think he can do what he wants just because he thinks he can?

Life is not like that.

People can not impose their wills, however philanthropic they may be.

This is neither freedom nor much less free will.

Some people think it's wrong to barge the Mexicans.

They think they should enter without restrictions.

it's not so well.

Here in Brazil, because of the socialism is ending with Venezuela, several Venezuelans are crossing the border and entering Brazil illegally.

it is very different.

There is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela on account of a dictatorial socialist regime.


People are stealing animals from the zoo to eat.


They are eating their pets.


It's not just a matter of improving one's life.

It is a matter of life and death.

But Mexico is richer than Brazil.

And as in Brazil, I own a parcel of the needy population. 



But misery and poverty are not synonymous with criminals.

Unless you act like one.

So don't you blame me with that obligation talk.

Who has an moral obligation to Mexican is Mexico.

No country in the world is bound to pass over their laws and criteria to help whoever it is.

Even because if it is out of necessity and urgency there are thousands of people around the world in a thousand times worse situation. 

Who also need and deserve help.

So you'll tell me, but where is humanity?

I ask the same question for Mexico, where is yours?