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Escaping Clown World

MetamorphicTruthMay 14, 2019, 2:11:05 PM

If you have taken the red pill you already realize that the modern world is bizarre and twisted. A world with more then two genders and with Drag Queen story hours for children is a world that has lost touch with reality. A world where people are trained to despise their own race and culture is world deeply mired in illusion.

How did we get into clown world? And how do we escape this world? I am thinking about this because two of the blogs I regularly read addressed this question in their own way. And since I pay to synchronicity as one of the ways God speaks to us, I have been pondering this question. I am referencing the May twelfth, 2019 post on Gornahoor by Cologero Salvo entitled Objective Reality and the May thirteenth, 2019 post on Bruce Charlton’s Notions entitled constraints on intuitive knowing (or Primary Thinking.)

How did we get into clown world? Clown world is the creation of the endless permutations of the liberal ideology of the enlightenment. Our perceptions of the world have been so shaped by an ideology that is not grounded in reality that only a few have been able to escape it.

Bruce Charlton describes how modern thinking is driven by ideological abstractions that have no reality.

He writes:

So much modern 'thinking' takes place in this realm of Abstraction! Discussions of economics, ethics, fashion... everything, pretty much. The assumption behind it all is that My Life is a subset of these Abstractions - and the Abstractions are real, and if I cannot related my life to the Abstractions, then it is my fault.

The Abstractions (Democracy, Social Justice, The Environment, The Economy, Peace, Climate...) are the real reality - it's my job to conform to this reality...

The Abstractions are real because that is what Everybody is talking about, all the time - especially powerful people. They are real because they are on the agenda, they are voted-about, they lead-to public policy, to law - to all manner of decisions...

It is the Abstractions that tell us about the future, what to love and what to fear; tell us what to think and believe and approve about the future; and then we organize our entire world because of these Abstractions.

The world is organized to encourage or discourage 'trade', nations aim at 'growth'... then Trade and Growth are destroyed to control the Climate... The destruction of Trade and Growth are inverted by reference to Sustainability. There are phenomena like Immigration, Diversity, Human Rights... and we are told why-they-are-Good; or we try (by thinking-about 'evidence', and by reasoning) to understand whether they really are good...

Now these ideological concepts distort our perception of reality and while controlling our perceptions they are not in anyway real themselves. Charlton writes:

We cannot intuitively answer such questions as whether women are equal with men in modern society - or whether they should be - or what it would mean if they were. We cannot intuitively know what people mean by racial prejudice, what race 'is' (or is not), whether racial prejudice is responsible for racial differences - and what any such differences mean.

These concepts are meaningless and they produce that disorientating sense that we are living in a backwards reality, a clown world. Charlton writes:

Almost the entirety of the content and theme of major discourse is beyond intuition, because unreal. And this has a profound effect on us. We live inside a System that is not just evil or trivial, but which is untrue, hence incoherent, hence permanently and incurably disorientating.

To escape Clown world, we must cultivate objective thinking. Objectivity is despised in Clown world. Everything in Clown world is driven by ideology. Especially journalism and the Academy. Science and journalism at one time aspired to give an objective account of the world. But that time is long gone. If Leftist ideology comes into conflict with reality it is always reality that suffers in Clown world. So, science and journalism, sadly, cannot be trusted in clown world since they both must bow before the unholy ideology of the Clowns.

Cologero argues that becoming objective is an act of the moral will.

Moral action requires a Not-I, in which there are objects in opposition to the I, and which pose a challenge to our projects. A weak will may deny aspects of the external world, and a strong will will accept the challenge.

Thus, to escape clown world we must become aware how modern ideology affects our perception and understanding of the world in which we live. And we must have the moral courage and will to break with ideology and submit to reality.

Cologero quotes the esoteric Catholic thinker Valentin Tomberg on the moral duty of objective thought.

The head bears the “crown of thorns”, which is borne, in principle, by every person capable of objective thought — the “crown of thorns” being given to the human being since the beginning of human history. It is that subtle organ which is designated as the crown centre. This crown centre is a “natural gift”, as it were, to each human being and every normal person possesses it. The “thorns” of the crown centre function as the “nails” of objectivity, which give conscience to thought. It is thanks to them that thought has not become wholly emancipated and as arbitrary, for example, as the imagination is.

Thought as such is, in spite of all, the organ of truth, not of illusion. ~ Valentin Tomberg

When someone chooses to bear the “crown of thorns,” that is objective thinking, they begin to see reality for what it is. They escape clown world. To do so frees the intuition so that we can respond and recognize the real. Since God is both the creator of the real and Reality Itself, to chose to be free of the lies of modern ideology is to choose God. To choose God is to see through the lies that our culture spins about Gender and race, about equality and diversity. To choose God is to pick up your cross and die to the lies of the world. To chose God is to “be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2.) The result of this choice to bear the cross and wear the crown of thorns is that you will intuitively know what is right and what is true. Again from Romans 12:2 –“that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”