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Attack of the ‘Woke’ Zombies: A Red Pilled Horror Story

MetamorphicTruthAug 18, 2019, 6:35:37 PM

There is a growing awareness among red pilled traditionalists that an evil force has taken control of the progressive movement. A force that can best be understood in terms drawn from fantasy, horror and speculative fiction.

There is a consistent them in fantasy and horror fiction of a force that strips you of your humanity. The Borg will absorb you. The devil will possess you. Zombies will eat your brains and infect you. The pod people will snatch your body and replace you. Cthulhu will enslave you through telepathic manipulation. You remain in some form, but you are now profoundly less than a self.

Two blogs that I read have made this point recently. I reacted to one of them, the Orthosphere and its article, written by Thomas F. Beronneau, entitled Woke-Cthulhu-awakens. I will focus now on another blog I read, Gornahoor, which has an article written by Cologoro, entitled, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Cologoro, at Gornahoor argues that the spiritual forces behind the Left are revealing their methods through these movies, he writes, ”that some unknown “they”, in reality guided by demons, are able to alter attitudes and values of millions of people. Those unable or unwilling to conform then face intense pressure to do so. Of course, “they” reveal to us what they are doing by means of the mass media. Not that it makes any difference, since few people have a Real I, and must necessarily follow the latest fads.”

We have seen this force at work in our lifetime. When Obama first ran for the Presidency, it was impossible to become elected as a Democrat to high office without being opposed to gay marriage. Now, a few short years, later, our whole society is flooded not only by gay marriage but by the demand that we all bow down and celebrate the clown world lunacy of transgenderism. Again a few short years ago you could not be elected to major office as a Democrat if you supported open borders. Now just a few years later you are vilified as a racist if you think that court ordered deportations should actually be carried out. Just a few short years ago you would be dismissed as a crank if you advocated for socialism. Now, socialism has become a major force in our political life.

Recently, we have read of several high-profile Christians who have abandoned the faith because they lacked the inner resources to resist ‘woke’ Borg. In the words of Cologoro, they had not developed a real “I” and were not able to resist the ‘latest fads.’

This matter of becoming a real “I” is a big part of what it means to be ‘red-pilled.’ You become a real self when you become immune to charges of racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, and trans-homo-phobia. You become aware of the way, the media, the culture and the academy manipulates you and you withdraw your consent to be manipulated. You take the red pill.

Cologoro, has a deep familiarity with A Course of Miracles, and that is why he is interested in Marrianne Williamson’s candidacy for the Democratic nomination to the Presidency. Her claim to fame is as an interpreter and teacher of this course. Cologoro writes: Ultimately, Miss Williamson’s has made the Course irrelevant. On the stage, she supported the exact same policies as all the others. This worldview is independent of any personal beliefs. We saw that Jews, atheists, liberal Christians, secularists, and so on, all came to the same conclusion. The impulse for this must be arising from a much different, and unnoticed, force. It’s as though an alien force has snatched their bodies.”

The meme NPC is getting at the same thing. The NPC meme points out that the group think of the left has rendered the leftists as less than a self-aware human being. They are rather like a video character that is not controlled by a person but is simply programming. The fact that the Left has reacted so violently to this meme with big Tech feeling it necessary to ban its use, shows that deep down the Left realizes this is getting at the truth.

Another red-pilled trope is the description of the progressive transformation of our culture as clown world. We took a left turn at the Twilight Zone and have reached the Outer Limits of Clown world, where the crazy is the norm, and the normal are shunned.

The fact that so many, in such a short period of time, have become Clowns and NPC’s demands an explanation. I see with, Cologoro and Beronneau, a spiritual force at work. A force that has been able to absorb those who lack the awareness and independence of thought to resist it. A force that can be understood as demonic.

It is ironic that those controlled by this force believe themselves to be ‘woke’, and morally superior to the rest of humanity. Cologoro puts it this way: "Since they have no explanation for their political viewpoint, they resort to confabulations, after the fact, to explain it. These confabulations lead to hubris, since they see themselves as spiritually enlightened, saviours of humanity, superior to their opponents, etc.” Beronneau writes: “That the hysteria and malice of the times stylize themselves as “Wokeness,” as the equivalent of an accession to consciousness, is all the more ironic given the Left’s actual lockstep ideological conformism and its actual restriction of expression to a strictly limited set of accusations and denouncements. Cthulhu only awakens to the degree that he can change humanity into a sleepwalking horde that has ceded its mental and moral independence to the calendar of its own servitude.” The fact is, they are not superior at all. They are zombies who had their brains eaten by the woke horde and now want to eat ours. To remain fully human, we must resist them by remaining fully conscious and by refusing to succumb to their mind controlling manipulation.

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