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#Pogmeme - The Prelude

MegamouthGamesMay 17, 2021, 9:04:31 PM

Pogmeme was started by @geist2020 in response to the disappearence of @iiiessence, a popular memer/lewdposter. It later morphed into a community meme comic featuring cameos from other Minds accounts and had several storylines running simultaneously. Here, for your viewing pleasure are the proto-Pogmemes which inspired us to create the meme comics. Meme creator will be listed in the captions.

The one token. What does it mean!@Viper1200 @megamouthgames @iiiessence Pog, where you been. All I was left was 1 token and you disappeared! #pogmeme
Last seen, April 5. Likes to make tokens for memes.@displaynameforrent @Viper1200 @megamouthgames. Day 1 of #memepog until #returnoftheking #pogmeme
Day 2 of meme a day until he returns.@iiiessence #pogmeme
Day 3 of #pogmemeWill @iiiessence return in time for us to see his final form? Will we see more memes and kitsunes? Found out next time on #pogmeme
Day 4 of #PogmemeWill @iiiessence appear? Is the day closer than we think? #pogmeme
Day 5 of #pogmemeA balanced morning of Kitsune and meme is gone, but may be approaching again. We must prepare for the day when @iiiessence appears. We must assemble a team that will avenged those who've been yeeted.
Day 6 of #Pogmeme@iiiessence, maybe he's stuck near a bonfire, just waiting for a white soapstone sign to appear. Your kitsunes and waifus need you. #pogmeme
@megamouthgames       FIRST CO-AUTHOR
Thanks to @geist2020 for keeping the hope alive of our pog’s return.The search for @iiiessence continues.
Day 7 #Pogmeme@iiiessence Maybe he got bonked too hard. Also thanks for the assist @megamouthgames. #pogmeme
Day 8 #pogmeme@iiiessence never told us he was on Joe Rogan. Is he too famous for minds now? Have a fun and safe April 20th. #pogmeme


Day 9 on #Pogmeme@iiiessence, even him, wonders about our pogitty champ. @punishedtomboy thank you for the format. #pogmeme
Day 10 of #Pogmeme@iiiessence, we don’t know what happened to him, not saying it’s aliens but, how do you explain this? #pogmeme
Day 11 of #PogmemeLuckily we have @megamouthgames helping out on the case. Sir, what do we know about @iiiessence so far. #pogmeme
Update on the Justice Department's investigation of the missing @iiiessenceWe still have no f*cking clue where this guy is. We will continue to collaborate with @geist2020 in the search.
@thromthebear   NEW CO-AUTHOR
I wish I knew how to quit you."@iiiessence is gone." "He's not coming back." "Just let go and move on." I would... If I only knew how... #pogmeme
Day 12 of #PogmemeI can't wait to hear the crazy stories @iiiessence is going to tell us when he gets back. #pogmeme
I heard aliens need to learn bear don't play.Space better pepper it's angus. Throm is about to get his fren back. #pogmeme


Day 13 #PogmemeThankfully getting a judge on the case seems to be working. @megamouthgames seems to be extremely helpful. I just wonder what @iiiessence found at Area 51? #pogmeme

Stay tuned for the next post which will have the entire first season of Pogmeme from all creators in (hopefully) a chronological order.