Recently @Luculent asked the community to share their experiences of installing and using Linux based operating systems. Several people decide to publish posts and blog articles that explored their own usage of Linux distributions, various desktop environments and open source applications. Below is a complete list of posts and blog articles that where provided by users of free open source software. If you would like to contribute your own experience and would like to provide a blog article or post then feel free to message either myself (medworthy) or Luculent and we will include your article or post to this list. Reference: * Deadric – Linux as the Daily Driver * Gconyers – The Freedom of Linux in Science * Luculent – Debian Linux: How I Got Started With and Why I Use Debian * Medworthy – Case Study: openSUSE Based Workstation Configuration * MindsGaming – Why I use Linux * Not_Rich – Manjaro Linux ; Slammin' it on Tarmacs & Daily Driving it. * Tdoniphan – Bodhi Linux - Fast, Light, and Highly Extensible * RobbieLink – Why I Switched to Linux and How Easy it Was * Silvino – Using Open Source Software from the Perspective of a Developer