de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers Flyer No. 191 Title : The Hated Frankist Satanist Jewish Banksters Have Destroyed the West More than Fluffie Females Text URL : All Flyers URL : Descr : This flyer states that the hated Frankist Satanist Jewish banksters have done more damage to western economies than have the fluffie feminists. It attempts to educate the ignorant on the basics of how the Jewish banksters have destroyed western economies as part of their grand strategy to rule the world from Jerusalem, and later to wipe out the goy, i.e. their NWO (New World Order). This flyer expresses my suspicion that these Jewish banksters have helped engineer the sex war by bribing the gender politicians to pass divorce laws that are toxic for men, causing men to hate women, and thus create a huge distraction, while the Jewish banksters continue to rob the people of half their taxes and push them into paying for endless wars.

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