Clock info: Time is exactly 10:10 Visual Countdown timer [LED's] has 8 minutes remaining (Dark red line tells us the timer is set to 8 minutes, in line with the advertisement) Hands pointing to 10 + 2 Amazon Echo device Disney icon Note - 10:10 is the standard position for clock advertisements. Anti-distraction/shill note: The CopyRight text is Disney, irrelevant, and without context to the other drops. What seems important are the themes: Very little time left on the countdown. Disney/Amazon (This was posted during a burst of epstien-related info) 10.2 = [BC] in Qcontext, solidified by the previous post to this clock which was a picture of Bill Clinton. So the panic we see, means movement under the surface Greater Context: 17th (Day after this burst of posts) is 'siege the white house protest' start date. [Half the posts on the 16th were about ANTISIS terrorism - fires] The posts lead up to a warning. "We know about your terrorism, we're rounding up your goons, and if you try anything bigger we'll expose more of Bill Clinton's rape activities" Julian Assange Seth Rich John Brennan Guccifer 2.0 So much more than just a clock, remember to take all posts (In a burst) into context!