See Picture Of A 128-Years-Old Man Living Alone In Okigwe

Do you ever wonder what old people living alone go through?. This category of people finds it very difficult to survive. This is because of several factors ranging from health, financial and emotional difficulties. These group of people needs our support to survive. Currently, the story of 128 years old man is trending on Facebook. This heart touching story was shared by a Facebook user identified simply as Ndubuisi Ezenwa, in a Facebook group "PROUDLY IHITTE/UBOMA". The old man is fondly called " Show the light". The name he earned because of his exemplary life. Show the light is from the Ihitte community in Imo state. He is a pious man who attends churches on daily basis. The most touching part of his story is his condition of living. This old man lives alone, cook, and wash his clothes at his age. He is old and emaciated and still, no help seems to be coming his way.