Owner/Founder of Africahead. My philosophy called Intequinism is the foundation of Africahead and Divided Party (DiP), a new political party. ETHEREUM ERC20 TOKENS Africahead Ipparts (AFA) brand token. Moyom (MYM) utility token. Divided Party (DiP) brand token. Kaeuoi (KAE) Internet Community brand token. fonetones (FON) brand token. WEBSITES GROUPS Buy Moyom (MYM) utility token: Buy Africahead Ipparts (AFA) brand token: Buy Divided PARTY (DiP) brand token: Buy Kaeuoi (KAE) brand token: Intequinism Buy/Sell MINDS:
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SELF-DETERMINATION INTERNATIONAL (SDI) Monarchism changed into Democratic Imperialism (DI), which will change into Democratic Self-Determination (DSD). DI is politics identified with distinctions between left and right. But DI is disappearing. With DSD, the primary distinction is not between left and right, the primary choice is between imperialism (prioritizing centralized governance) and self-determination (prioritizing decentralized governance). The difference is with DI, politicians promote only self-determination of their own group. If the left wins they force their policies down on the right and vice versa. With DSD, politicians promote self-determination of their own and other groups. Therefore DSD is not as selfish as DI. The left can have self-determination in multicultural "cantons" with more than one official language and the right can have self-determination in unicultural "cantons" with only one official language. In Switzerland they took such a choice against imperialism, 100s of years ago. Divided Party (DiP), is a new DSD political party in South Africa. As far as i know it is the only party outside of Switzerland promoting DSD. DiP started a new international movement called Self-Determination International (SDI) on Github, to unite every one who is fedup with DI. Check out the SDI site on Github and buy Moyom (MYM) universal utility currency, the official "money" of SDI. SDI is open source on Github, to unite more people who are interested in self-determination (SD) for all, wanting it. New political parties and movements can form, whilst updating information, for cooperation via Github. The change SDI shows, is, previously SD movements focused only on own SD. SDI focuses on SD for others as well. Another difference is, often, SD movements become violent and end in war, because of imperialist ideas. Valuing rational division, causes prioritization of decentralized governance instead of prioritization of centralized (imperialist) governance. Division can cause SD for all, wanting it. Hence, imperialism, which causes wars, is opposed and excluded with DSD politics. Political ideas spread internationally, therefore, if the view in Divided Party (DiP) of South Africa spreads, Github is a good place for it to grow, whilst putting people with the same interests in connection. At Github many people from different countries can work together on one website, all adding their information. #politics #github
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CURRENCY=POLITICS+BUSINESS Moyom (MYM) universal utility token can now be further developed on Github. MYM is the universal utility token of Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), listing brand tokens. MYM is also the official currency of Self-Determination International (SDI).
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