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The Helen Kane Appreciation FanGroup

MayFarringtonJul 8, 2019, 7:53:29 AM

A fan discussion group for fans and friends of Helen Kane, the ORIGINAL Boop-boop-a-doop Girl. The Admins here are Scholars who have put in more than ten years of in-depth research into Helen's life and the TRUE facts about the infamous Betty Boop Trial, and are in possession of items, including the actual Trial Transcript, which undeniably prove that the Hoax circulating online about "Baby Esther" is completely false. An official book (and more) is in the works, but meanwhile you can appreciate Helen's talent and express your admiration in a hoax-free zone, right here. Helen's true legacy does not deserve to be forgotten!


1: We don't spread the Hoax here, because it simply is not true, no matter how many websites have posted about it. For this reason, we monitor this channel very closely.

2: Genuine questions which seek true information about the Hoax are allowed as long as they are respectful and open-minded, because the point of this channel is to let the TRUTH be known, and the best way to accomplish that is to expose the Hoax for what it is!

3: Be nice to each other! Remember what Helen would say... "Aww.... issat nice?"

4: Discussions about other Pre-Code era entertainers who appeared in Helen's films or stage appearances are allowed, to keep the group lively and interesting. Just remember that the focus of the Group is really on Helen.