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The Abominations of Canaan

Mark ChristianJul 20, 2019, 1:23:32 AM

I always cringe and lament when National Socialists and such, even some I respect like David Duke, berate the Jews for the Old Testament stories of when God told the ancient Hebrews to go into Canaan and kill certain tribes there. These White Nationalists who are trying to defend our people have such anger at the Jews that they use anything they can to attack them. This is so disappointing to me because there is no disharmony between Jesus and the Old Testament. It is important to note that the Canaanites that God told the Hebrews to exterminate were all engaged in the same child sacrifice and sexual perversion that the elite Jew Zionists participate in and advocate now. They used to throw babies into a fire pit in worship of Molech, which is not so different than abortion now even without the literal child sacrifice the Hollywood Illuminati and the ruling class engage in. The ancients of the Holy Land also had pervert men who dressed as women and officiated at pagan temples for occultic sex rites. To this very day there are transvestite men who traditionally have their genitals cut off in India, and who are considered sacred devotees to a Hindu god. The billionaire elites, aka Zionist Jews, advocate all these perversions now through the media they control. The Talmud Zionists are not bad because they believe the Old Testament, they are bad because they don't. They are not bad because they are good Jews, they are bad because they aren't. They are the seed of Satan, and the Synagogue of Satan. They are the Whore of Babylon and they have sown their abominations throughout the Earth.