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The Choice

macdalton55Jul 26, 2019, 1:56:50 AM

The Choice

One day a married couple walked into a five star hotel, He was very handsome, the type that most women could dream of every night. He was about five foot ten inches, and he was in good shape. Maybe not body builder material, but one could tell he exercised regularly. He came in wearing a nice white button up shirt, khaki pants, and plane black tie. She was super model beautiful. Raven black, wavy hair that hung just past her shoulders, full lips, and bright green eyes that could draw in any stare. She had her hair pulled up just a little with diamond studded combs, and diamond earrings hung from her ears. Her four inch, strappy heels made her an equal height as her husband, and not even the heavy trench coat she wore could hide that incredible body with those medium firm breast, slim waste, and long, muscular legs that seemed to go on forever. As they walked through the lobby, they had anxious looks on their faces. She had doubts about coming here, and he didn’t look like he wanted to be here at all.

As they got into the elevator and he touched the third floor button. The doors closed, and she started to open her coat.

“Not now!” the husband exclaimed as he tried to pull the coat closed.

The wife pushed him back and said, “He was clear about it. I can’t wear anything else when we get off of the elevator.” She yanked off the heavy coat and threw it at her husband.

Underneath that coat, she wore a very, very small dress. It was white as snow and had a silky sheen to it. The thin halter straps were tied in a neat shoelace bow behind her neck, and they fell down and spread into thin, barely opaque cloth that conformed to her breast where it covered, but the neckline went below the breast and revealed her inner cleavage. The sides showed just a little of the sides, and the back was bare down to a point below the small of her back. The wife had to pull down the tight skirt as it had moved up exposing her shaved pussy, but it was barely long enough to cover it in the first place. They walked all the way down to the very last room, and they passed many guests; some taking long, lingering looks at her in the fabulously kinky dress.

When they finally arrived, they knocked. The other man, who was a little taller and much better looking than the husband, opened the door. Dressed only in a pair of black silk shorts, he showed a body far superior than they expected. Not only did he have a statuesque and muscular body, but the perfect face. His eyes, lips, chin, and nose seemed to be carved by the most skilled of artist.

“Did you bring phones with you?” the man asked.

The husband pulled his out of his pocket and showed it.

“Mine is in the coat pocket,” said the wife.

The man opened the door wider and gestured them to come in as he said, “Turn them both off and leave them in the coat. Hang it in the closet, and have a seat.”

They came in to see a coffee table with a luxurious, leather loveseat and a simple, wooden arm chair on opposite sides of it, and there was a king sized bed on the far side covered with black, satin sheets. The couple quickly went to the loveseat and sat, the wife crossing her legs in a desperate attempt to hide her still dry pussy from the other man. He looked at the husband and said, “Your seat is over here.” as he gestured to the wooden chair. The husband reluctantly rose, walked around the table, and sat in the hard seat. The other man then sat beside the wife, put his arm around her waist, and drew her to him. The husband started to clench the arms of his chair as jealousy started to heat up in him. The other man brought his head close to hers and drew in the smell of her hair, as his own spicy sent, put a little crack into the wife’s resolve, making her heart beat just a little bit more.

“How do you like my gift?” asked the other man as he gently touched the hem at the side of the dress with two of his knuckles.

“It’s a little small,” She said, “and I’m not very comfortable in it.”

“Well,” he said as he continued to move his knuckles up the dress, moving them to her skin as they reached her breast. “You make it look amazing. And, don’t worry about the comfort. It is designed to come off easily.

The other man looked at the wife and asked, “Why did you call me? I need to know before we go any farther.

The Husband started, “A friend said…”

The other man interrupted, “I asked her, not you. You are only here to watch. That is all you are allowed to do.” He looked at the wife again, “Now, why did you call me.”

The wife swallowed her nervousness down. “A friend said it would be good for our marriage.”

The man gave a humorous smile and said, “Your friend is either a liar or a fool. Your marriage took a big hit the second you decided to call me.”

“Why is that?” she asked.

He slowly moved his fingers down the front of the thin dress where it barely covered her breast. “Because, the second you decided to call me, your body no longer belonged to your husband. It belongs to me now, and when we are done here, it will also belong to every other man that catches your eye.”

As the other man’s finger moved over the nipples of her breast, they both hardened and poked through the dress, her heart beat harder, and her sweat started to make her glisten a little. The husband’s jaws clenched, his stare became hatefully severe, and a bulge started rising from his pants.

The other man gently pushed the wife’s jaw towards her husband. “Tell me what you see.” he demanded.

“My husband,” she said.

“Tell me what he is thinking.”

The wife studied her husband as the other man moved his other hand from her waist, to her hip, and then into her inner thigh. The wife studied her husband. His eyes stared at the other man with intense hatred, his jaws clenched with boiling hot jealousy, his white knuckles on the arms of his chair showed his weakening control, and his paints bulged a little more with a passionate drive like he never had before. “He’s thinking about how much he hates you,” She replied, “but, I think he wants me more than he ever has before, even before we married.”

“He wants your body back,” the other man told her, “but, he’s never going to have it again. He may still have your heart and you mind, but your body is no longer his.”

“You have five options,” the other man said. He placed his other hand on her inner thigh. “The first, you can go back home with your husband.” He gently pulled apart her long legs. She unconsciously allowed him to place one over his knee; showing her wet pussy to her husband. “You will let him have you one last time. You will do whatever he tells you to do. You will find out what all his secret desires are, and you will fulfill every last one of them, no matter how long it will take or how painful it will be.” Her heart pounded harder than ever. “Second, we will do this cuckold like you wanted. He will sit in that chair and watch me use your body however I choose for as long as I choose.” Her sweat became greater; making her dress translucent. He grabbed her breast and gave it a firm squeeze sending shivers down her spine. “Third, you and your husband will crawl onto this bed, you both will do whatever I say for the whole night. Every last sick and perverted thing I tell you to do, you will both do it.” She started to shake with desire as he pulled away the dress exposing her hard nipple. “Fourth, your husband and I will both take you, and use you, without mercy, for as long as we can.” Her pussy started dripping. She tried to reach down to rub it, but the other man caught her hand and pulled it away. “Last, but definitely not least, you will tell you husband to go home. He will take the trench coat and both phones with him. I will use you over and over until I’m tired of you. Then, and only then, I will take you to your home at my convenience.” He then put her hand on his own cock. It was at least nine inches, maybe ten, it was big enough around that she could barely wrap her fingers all the way around as she squeezed it, and it was harder than the wood that her husband held with white knuckles.

The wife looked at her husband hoping for some kind of hint, but the other man gently pulled her face to him with one hand and reached down to her pussy with the other. As he rubbed her pussy, making all her hormones flood her body, he said, “You have to choose on your own, because it will be your only choice for a long time.”

To all the readers that are reading this. What does the wife choose?

1. Go home and see what the husband will do.

2. Cuckold: Make the husband watch.

3. Director: See what the other man makes them do.

4. Wife share: See how she likes a three way.

5. Affair: Take the husband out of the picture.