@livinginnaturalharmony This is a blog about natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We are three neuroscients, Ana (PhD), Marjan (MSc) and Christoph (PhD), that beyond neuroscience, are also very much interested in topics related to a healthy, natural and sustainable lifestyle. We have been extensively reading and learning about these topics for several years and we would like now to share what we have been learning with others. As scientists, it is important for us to support all our articles by scientific studies (the references can be found at the end of each article). Although scientific, we try to write in a way that is understandable by everyone. We also share healthy recipes that we have been creating ourselves. You can visit our Blog at: All articles are available in English, Portuguese, German and French.
Hi everyone! This week we would like to share with you a recipe: baked mixed vegetables with sweet potatoes :) Super tasty and healthy :D
Check out this short video about an experimental site where they test ways to optimize growing food efficiently and keep a high natural diversity at the same time - for example with an agroforestry system. Subtitles in English available.
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