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Profile Boosting ~ Opt-in to help the Boost problem

LaPReptilesAug 4, 2019, 11:30:24 PM

        So, Its clear by now that we need a way to show more boosts to more people, as the queue is beyond clogged. Im proposing a solution to this, however, ive never made a blog on here so Im sorry if this comes out messy, or poorly portrays my idea. 

     My Idea is this: What if we gave users an option, to put boosts on their profiles. We have alot of spare room on the sides of the screen when we visit a users profile. What if we put newsfeed boosts in these locations, but gave people an option to allow or remove boosts from their pages? 

      The option: So, of course many people wont want others content taking up space on their page. So, instead of forcing the idea, how about we give people the option to make their page a "Boost host" or, a person who lets others put their boosts on their page. As of now, you can directly pay someone for an "Offer" which is just a paid remind. Instead, It would be random whos boosts show on your page. 

      The Incentive: Of course, people would want a reason to have boosts show on their profiles. So, Since minds rewards tokens based upon "Score" earned, how about if someone interacts with a boost on your profile, that profile owner will receive some "Score" as a reward? For example, if someones boosts showed on my page, and someone who visits my page upvotes that boost, i will receive +1 score as a reward for "hosting" that boost on my profile. 

      The Setup: On desktop, there is plenty of room on both the left and right sides of the page to fit some content. Under your profile desc, under "images" and "videos" and "blogs" it becomes blank. This is a perfect space to stick some boosts to alleviate the congestion. Of course only if the profile owners opts-in to have boosts there. As well, sidebar boosts could fit on the right side. If youre on the mobile app though, Maybe make it every 10-15 posts. Maybe make an option to choose between every 10 posts or every 20 posts. Of course the more boosts on your profile, the more Interaction you will recieve on those posts. 

     This first image is an explanation of how the space will be utilized.

       This is an example of how a profile (mine) would look if i had chosen to "opt-in to having profile boosts" 

      Im open to any suggestions or feedback on how this could work. It may not be perfect but its an idea on how we can help ease up some of this backlog. It would allow users to have the freedom to choose to keep their profile personal and unboosted, while giving others the ability to earn extra "Score" by hosting some boosts for others to see. Thanks for checking this out!

Atomicauroch also had the fantastic idea of being able to toggle NSFW posts from being shown on your profile, if you want to keep a user-friendly page!!! Very important!!!