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Crested Gecko Care!

LaPReptilesAug 5, 2019, 4:24:56 AM

     So maybe you own a Crested gecko or are looking to get one, and youd like some pointers. Or maybe you're just interested in them and would like to learn more about them. Either way, Welcome to the blog where I share my knowledge of these amazing creatures with the rest of Minds!

Char chillin on a fossil

      Habitat:   Crested Geckos are originally found in southern New Caledonia. They spend the large majority of their lives in trees and other foliage. The area theyre from remains at between 70-86 degrees F and it is very tropical, so rain is more than common. 

Chunky baby

       Humidity: Something most people overlook - but is extremely important, is the humidity of your Geckos enclosure. Since theyre from tropical environments, they need high humidity for most hours of the day. Also they do not recognize sitting water, so you must always ensure to keep some water droplets on the plants. Humidity is best kept by using spray bottles, dripping systems and misting systems. 

Temperature: Although the area theyre from can be very hot, They are able to move around in the wild to adjust and find cooler places. Your geckos should Never reach temperatures over 80 degrees F. Nor should they drop below 60. 

        Diet:  In captivity, the best food you can give to your Crested geckos in my experience is Pangea gecko diet. It is a power that is mixed with water and left in a small dish for your gecko to eat. As a backup food, its also good to feed them calcium dusted, gut loaded crickets. This ensures theyre getting all of the nutrients they need. Just because theyre alive doesnt mean theyre thriving. Like mentioned, a water dish is not necessary and will not help, except for keeping humidity up. As such, you need to mist the tank so they can drink water droplets off the leaves in their tanks. If they dont eat the food theyre given remove it after 24 hours. 

Eating some pangea gecko diet

     Decor:  Since they spend most of their lives in trees, its important they have a lot of room to climb, and a lot of spaces to hide. Theyre best kept in tall enclosures 20 gallons or larger, with a lot of green/red plants filling the space, with some spots to hide and feel safe. Make sure anything you put in the enclosure is pet-safe first, with no harmful chemicals. It isnt recommended that you use any decor from past animals youve kept, and if you do be sure to thoroughly wash and clean it. 

Hangin out

     Signs to watch for:  Look out for sunken eyes, this is a sure sign theyre dehydrated and need water and humidity. Their eyes will sink in and get deeper in their sockets, due to the fact they cant blink and need to constantly lick their eyeballs to keep them moist. If your gecko is often irritated and "barks" at you, it means they scared or uncomfortable. Make sure they have spots to hide in and it isnt too loud. Ensure temp and humidity are correct as well.  Dropped tails, all crested geckos can drop their tails, meaning their tail splits off from their body to distract predators. Your gecko will be fine if this happens, just watch for infection. Their tails will not grow fully back like other species. Also cresteds like most reptiles shed their skin, if they seem to have trouble doing so, raise the humidity.

Light shed near the eye

    Handling:   Geckos are fragile, but friendly. Never squeeze or put pressure on a small reptiles, especially one like this who can drop its tail when threatened. Instead it is best to put your hand infront of the gecko, and lightly nudge it forward until it chooses to walk or jump onto your hand. Geckos love to jump, make sure you hold them over a table or surface high enough where they wont be hurt. Theyre quick when they want to be, so watch to make sure you dont put them down near something like a bed or dresser they can easily escape under. Always watch kids near your pets. 

     Always make sure to keep your pets enclosure clean so that molds and bacteria dont grow, and so they dont get any infections!     Thank you so much for checking my blog out! I hope you enjoyed the photos of my geckos as well! 

Dalmation Crested Gecko

Spots of a male dalmation crested

Beautiful eyes of a harlequin crested gecko peeking out from a leaf

Pounce! Crested geckos sink their eyes into their sockets deeper to protect from debris and prey while jumping from far distances

Cricket down the hatch!

Penny peeking from her log.

Char on a branch

Char on a fossil

Chars lil smile

Char on a log


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Hanging out upside down

Chillin on my tapestry