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Battle Hymn of the Republic: His truth is Marching On...

KayJan 20, 2021, 5:30:09 AM

Part I

Controversy behind the “17th letter” so many enjoy hurling insults over has really picked up over the past few weeks.  As Inauguration Day is upon us, the amount of disinformation and misinformation in circulation is at the highest it has ever been.  You have the Biden camp putting out their disinformation to deceive the entire country; you have the Trump administration putting out their disinformation to deceive the Biden camp; and you have every Tom, Dick and Harry putting out their misinformation because everyone wants to be in the know and cling to the teensiest shred of control when they feel as though they are floating untethered through the ether. 


The most common insult is that the “17th letter” is nothing but a psy-op.  The superiority and vitriol which often accompanies it is so intense, you almost feel bad for the person when the look of confusion and deflation spreads across their face as you chuckle and say, “No shit” in response.  Whoever told you psy-ops were only run by the bad guys?


We have a society of at least 2 generations of Americans in our midst who have been so tragically demoralized via ideological subversion over the past 6 decades (at least), that they actually believe their sovereign, God given, human rights are shameful and wrong.  Many of them can’t even tell you what a sovereign right is!  Those are the same people who are screaming there is a fascist administration in the White House.  


But before you get upset about this, I want you to stop and think about it from their perspective.  Picture it, Sicily, 1922… ha, just kidding.  Really though, picture it, America, circa late 1950s; falling right smack in the middle on the scale where average for pride in one’s nation might lie.  Now imagine that point on the scale being slowly pushed further and further to the left over the next 6 decades by a huge boulder called demoralization and ideological subversion.  Now imagine how scarily far right their origination point probably looks to all those people herded wayyyyy over to the other side by psychological warfare.  I bet to them, a healthy dose of average nationalism looks pretty damn fascist under the weight of that demoralization fog they have been trapped beneath.  So, taking all that into consideration, I would like you now to reflect upon just how massive of a psychological operation it would take to break through all those many decades of very literal brainwashing, perpetrated upon an entire nation of unsuspecting folk.


Now, just like any good dose of propaganda, truth will always be tossed with some fiction and drizzled with a bit of sensationalism to keep you coming back for more.  But have no fear, others who got the jump on what was going on BEFORE they stumbled across this elusive “17th letter” can attest to what I am saying: there is an EXTENSIVE amount of truth behind the stories you hear.  While far too many have shunned anything and everything political prior to this most recent election cycle others, begrudgingly, did not have that luxury.  Many different groups of individuals became the unwitting targets of those doing the bidding for others skulking in the shadows, awaiting our country to expose its jugular.  Some chose to hide while other chose to fight back.  Those who fought back did so with the fierceness of lions and lionesses being backed into a corner.  As they sounded the alarm across the country, various other groups awoke to the terrifying realization that they too, were being hunted.  As the prides came together they quickly realized how many different targets were in the hunter’s sights at once.  Through the systematic breakdown of the moral fiber that glues our Republic together, they had weakened our country and cultivated a new type of pervasive society, ripe for the picking.  Those who sounded the alarm were very well aware of the danger our great country faced, yet so many others were still asleep at the wheel.  Desperation was setting in; that is, until the “17th letter” walked through the door and gave us a chance: a chance to save ourselves.


Some will argue the view point the “17th letter” is a psy-op being used against the American people to lull us further into complacency; to keep us from rising up.  After witnessing first hand just how demoralized our society had become, I wholeheartedly contend there would have been no rise out of us great enough to impact what we blindly and ignorantly faced.  For one to suggest otherwise would be to admit they are either pushing their own agenda, or have zero comprehension due to lack of participation in government, which was one of the many desired outcomes of the demoralization process.  


Yes, the “17th letter” is most definitely a psychological operation.  It was a psy-op created to get people THINKING again; to get people QUESTIONING what they were being told instead of just ACCEPTING answers from “people who knew better” than them.  It was a psychological operation to save The United States of America from the oppressive weight of a globalized, central government of elite hell bent on having complete control of their money making pawns.  If this sounds crazy to you, that would be because our education system and media outlets have been too busy sprinkling us with demoralization dust and lulling us into a cycle of complacency, instead of actually informing Americans of what is happening in our country and around the world for fear they might step up and hold their government responsible.  The one world government structure is already in place, and has been since the creation of the United Nations.  What they are still lacking is the level of control they desire.  And that, my friends, is how we find ourselves in the predicament we currently face.  


Part II

As we find ourselves in the thick of it, now more than ever people are desperately seeking out clues as to what might be going on.  Misinformation and disinformation are swirling about as if we were in the eye of the storm, and there is confusion abound.  While a few still genuinely believe Biden won, the majority seem to be aware that is not the case.  The current fear gripping that majority of the nation seems to be lack of overtly visible action on the part of our President.  For some reason, which I still grapple with understanding, it is so much easier for people to imagine the horrors than to believe in the good.  Perhaps that is a further testament to the demoralization that has descended upon us by our oppressors and squeezed out every last sense of faith we had.  More likely, it is a culmination of both that and the fear porn we were viciously assaulted with over the past year resulting in a weak and fragile underpinning.  


In the bold face of evil where we currently stand, I urge you to ground yourself by filtering out the excess noise.  When you look at the concrete actions taken by our President and his administration over the past 4 years, it becomes glaringly obvious the then impending attack on our country was in full view of those charged with defending and protecting our Republic.  That is to say, they were aware of the threats and prepared accordingly.  One might even suggest the moves being made on the global leadership level were indicative enough for American Patriots to champion a new source of leadership in an attempt to cut off their greedy, spindly tentacles from gripping tightly around our throats.  


If you paid any attention to the travels of the President in the months following the 2016 election, you might have noticed his visits across the globe.  Many, at the time, were probably not cognizant of what exactly the purpose of those visits were, and likely would have not resonated as something valuable and worthy of remembrance.  Perhaps now, if you were to look back you might notice some golden nuggets of value that stand out.  But with the intensity of the threat currently at our doorstep, that particular trip down memory lane might be better saved for reflection at a later date. 


In the meantime, you might find more value familiarizing yourself with the executive orders our President has signed over the past few years and consider how they have been applied.  You might also consider the strategic maneuvering of cabinet members and others in places of national defense leadership.  Way back in 2018, President Trump wrote Executive Order 13848 on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. Upon receipt of the DNI report, the President applied sanctions to both Russia and China for their involvement in the Biden campaign meddling.  While not disproving the allegations waged upon certain members of the Biden family, I think everyone pretty much knows that information did not just surface when it did on its own.  Efforts were certainly made on part of foreign entities to affect the outcome of the election.  The President has unwaveringly maintained the United States demands and deserves free and fair elections.  It is clear that foreign interference will not be tolerated, no matter who the candidate is. 


After the Department of Treasury reported those sanctions in a press release on January 11, 2021, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf stepped down.  Peter Gaynor, a 25-year marine, took his place.  Gaynor was also appointed as the administrator of Fema in January of 2020.  Fema was deployed in DC early last week and because the President signed the Stafford Act back in March, Gaynor does not have to report to anyone else.  To my understanding, neither does Chris Miller who on November 9th, 2020, replaced acting Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, immediately following the Solar Winds security breach.  Chris Miller was the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center prior to becoming acting Secretary of Defense.  Many other very interesting Executive Orders have been signed over the last few years.  You can view them directly on the White House government website.


Part III

So now we circle back to what, for me, is the most telling view of where our President and his administration stand.  Allow me for a moment to draw your attention to attorney, Lin Wood.  I don’t believe for one single moment it was a coincidence that Mr. Wood captured everyone’s attention with the most far reaching and curiosity sparking accusations.  After everyone was focused with rapt attention on what he might say next, he directed everyone over to secretary Pompeo’s Twitter feed. Secretary Pompeo grabbed the baton and Lin faded into the background for a few days.  Secretary Pompeo took off out of the gates at a casual speed, drawing attention to the idea of multilateralism.  While some were convinced he was simply recapping the administration’s achievements in foreign relations throughout their term, I was a bit more curious as to where it was heading.  It sounded like the focus on multilateralism was going to take us somewhere interesting, and right as rain, the following morning he flew out of the gates focusing on the United Nations and threw them head first under the bus.  He brought the WHO into the mix right before transitioning over to the topic of China.  Just prior to that transition however, he posted a video drawing attention to the report he ordered from the Commission on Unalienable Rights. A report that, according to his post, more than 65 other countries have signed onto.   That very afternoon rumors circulated the President was going to speak.  Many hung on waiting but instead of being greeted by the President, they were granted a seemingly random speech by Secretary Pompeo at Voice of America.  While his speech on the surface focused on foreign relations as is expected from the Secretary of State, those listening carefully enough were able to recognize what was actually happening.  He made it clear he was speaking to the American people.  The question and answer session were particularly important.  Those wavering now in the confidence of the strength of our Republic, might feel a bit better having a listen.  The media immediately descended upon him screaming propaganda and demanding censorship.  That alone tells you where you need to focus your attention, every time.


In his speech, Secretary Pompeo again mentioned his Commission Report more than once and suggested people go take a look at it, so I did.  The first half was a beautifully written rendition of how the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution FOR the United States of America and the of the Bill of Rights were created.  It focused on human rights; the difference between those and other kinds of rights; how they all work together; how they are exploited; and how they are protected; just to name a few.  While the entire report is one I implore every single human to read, the second part is where we get down to the nitty gritty.  


The US has been a front runner in the advocacy for global human rights since the inception of the United Nations.  It has long occupied a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) because of its own respected and often coveted national sovereignty.   In 1948, Eleanor Roosevelt was a champion for the creation and acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which was drafted with our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights as a roadmap.  While not a legally binding document, the Declaration was a moral commitment to always strive to achieve and respect the rights listed therein.  Recognizing each nation bears its own culture and traditions, the Declaration sought not to impose rule over others, but to instead respect their sovereignty and encourage the creation of their own ways to self-govern with dignity and deference.  It was understood that human rights began close to home, in the world of the individual person; or else their meaning was diminished.  Not one nation spoke out against the Declaration at its inception and most signed the moral commitment.  


The report addresses how over the past decades the importance of human rights has slipped by the wayside.  It discusses how the UNHRC is now riddled with hypocrisy and questions how they can for one moment be taken seriously when some of the most egregious violators of human rights sit on the council.  It addresses the inconsistencies between the moral obligation to uphold the standard of human rights listed in the UDHR and the simultaneous adoption of recent agendas (read Sustainable Development 2030), cloaked in the illusion of human rights.  The report tells of the US’ attempts to work out the inconsistencies regarding the HRC, its members and the standards being imposed upon other nations which in no way align with either our own moral standards on unalienable rights as a sovereign country, or with our nation’s moral obligation to the UDHR.  It tells of our subsequent decision to leave our place on the HRC in 2018 and disengage from their entanglement with the current, deceptive UNHRC agenda.  Finally, it rejects the notion that the United States cannot continue to be a frontrunner for human rights just because we do not sit on the hypocritical and deceptive UNHRC, and steps forward with our own thoughts on how to remain the leading example of unfailing respect for unalienable rights; the most important of which is to respect and protect those very same national sovereign and individual, unalienable rights AT HOME.  


In June of 2018, the United States made our stance crystal clear.  We would not take part in the underhanded scheme to coerce nations into giving up their sovereignty.  We would continue to protect our nation and respect the foundation it was built upon, while continuing to honor our moral commitment to the UDHR we agreed to.  We would not participate in the removal of the unalienable rights of our own citizens without undergoing the proper democratic practice our Republic was founded on; not even under the fictitious guise of human rights.  And to make matters even worse for the United Nations, others began to agree.  The demoralization through ideological subversion that had weakened the fascia of our nation over the decades had not worked the way it was intended.  The United States was unraveling the UN agenda.  This was not the way it was supposed to be.  All those many years of work and dedication on their part, down the drain.  What was the United Nations to do?  The war upon our country began shortly after, though many still have no idea what has happened to this day.


I do not know what will happen when we wake tomorrow.  Anyone who claims otherwise is not being truthful.  There are maybe a handful of people who know how this is going to play out, and we are not them.  I won’t waste my time speculating.  I can however, state with absolute certainty, our Republic will not bow to another.  Our Republic is STRONG.  Our Republic is PREPARED.   Our Republic is WHOLE.  Our Republic NEVER GIVES UP.  Whatever comes to pass tomorrow, you MUST remember: GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE.  I don’t know the path we will take to get us across that finish line, but I KNOW in my bones, there are things happening we are not privy to; things going on which may appear one way but are actually representative of something completely different.  By the time I came to the closing words of the Commission’s Report, I knew CLEAR AS DAY where our country stood on its sovereignty and that it would protect it at all cost. 


If you still find yourself in doubt, ask yourself: In your heart of hearts, do you HONESTLY believe our military members would not protect their wives; their babies; their elders; their homes; THEIR REPUBLIC, from enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC?  Our military members, so many of whom have generations of ancestors who gave their lives to protect their Republic and the Constitutional basis it was founded upon?  

I don’t believe that for one single second.  We are ABSOLUTELY still in this game, and if you are still in the game then you HAVE to BELIEVE you will win; otherwise, there is no point in even playing.

My faith holds strong and solid, and so too should yours.