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My public message to.. La progresiva de la política inquisitorial correctamente empresa de rentasinternas y los profesionales de la salud americana

kpr37Jan 17, 2020, 6:21:16 AM

This is an old article from the time Obama was in office. The Bernie dude talking about reeducation camps reminded me about it. When government gains too much power, bad things happen. This was my take on government run, public health care.

(Subtitled) An American story of personal inquisition and life changing discovery.

My freely given and uncoerced confessional proclamation to "the Progressive office of the correctly political inquisitional enterprise of internal revenue and American health care professionals". I have sinned. Please forgive my wayward (right) leanings

May Carl Marx ( full genuflexion) please have mercy on my unworthy, corrupted, carbon using, capitalist, free spirited soul.

By today's standards, I'm a crazy person. I believe the United States of America is a nation of laws. And we are all equal under under the law. I believe there is no class of people above the law. I'm delusional, a crack pot, where did I get theses subversive ideas?

Boston, my states capital city and the recognized hub of the universe, is a sanctuary city. That is a city where the ruling class of elitists operate above the written law. They have decided which written laws, can, and will be enforced. They are "entitled" to do so. I believe it goes back to the "divine" right of Kings to rule in their chosen God's name. They feel a "holy"need to protect their subjects (citizens) as well as the "barbarians", "stateless wanderers", "criminal element", " various miscreants", and "ne'er do wellers", equally under this imaginary, made up as they go along, unwritten law. No distinction is made between citizen and "others". I never noticed the American three tiered class structure until it was to late. Citizen (subject), other than citizen,(protected class) and ruling class.

This craziness ( seeing a clear distinction between written laws and political actions) will make me a valuable test subject for the Cambridge center of political re-education. Known "communally" as the Chomsky -Ayers centers of "correctly political" thought. I can hardly wait. I understand the strait jackets are tie-dyed in all the colors of the rainbow. That I'm sure, will be nice.

While it's true there is no modern day Tomas de Torquemada running the show. It's equally true that American embedded bureaucracy is full of self empowered, two-bit Popes of progressiveness passing judgment on the rest of us with the consent of their immediate superiors. The closest acolytes of the Popes of progressiveness are their mentors found in academia. Not to be confused with the minions of the media. They are the new holy trinity ruling the world. By their guidance shall we be ruled.

The most famous of the Inquisitions was the one in Spain that issued forth by royal decree in 1492 . It was originally intended in large part to ensure the orthodoxy of those who converted from Judaism and Islam.

Many reasons have been suggested for the decision to kick off the Inquisition, such as increasing political authority, crushing opposition, suppressing heretical thought, profiting from confiscation of assets, reducing social tensions and securing the position of the ruling elite. As well as in defense of future marauding Moors.(jihadists) A reregulation of "faith" in government by extra judicial regulation on the way people were permitted to think, act and associate was undertaken by a heavy handed state authority. In 2010

First they came for the tea party ... but I was not a member and did not care.

Second they came for patriots.... but I knew Bill Belichick was on the job, so I did not pay attention.

Third they came for the constitutionalists, but all I saw was funny tri pointed hats.

Fourth they came for anti-abortionists, but I'm sad to say until the Gosnell trial, I never gave it a second thought.

Fifth they came after the Christians and I said .. ha, in America? your kidding me.

Then I saw they were targeting Jews, and knew I was too late. So I penned this confessional.

If the ghosts of Saul Alinsky reject this as an insincere confession? May one of my friends shoot me in the head before the flames of the auto-da-fe fully consume me. Pagans and witches know the fate that awaits us. We have never conformed.

A pagan's perspective

kpr37 child of the goddess Danu