Cryptic, profound, inspiring and thought-provoking poems mixed with some impressive 3D graphics. Please enjoy the channel and expand your consciousness. KiBLS is poet and multimedia artist from germany. Every pinned post on the channel act as own category. The posts underneath will be rotated on a daily base. NEW NEW NEW Fresh February: For the entire month of February each day at 07:00 a.m. CET. a new english poem is published. For this the scheduled post function is already in use. Stay tuned! German March: For the entire month of March each day at 07:00 a.m. CET. a german poem is published. For this the scheduled post function will be used. Hot April: I will try to create april completely in english again. License informations Join the "United poetry" group If the links here on minds are not working, use this "poetry overview" to enjoy my work on another website😊
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Gedichte der Neuzeit (47/51 veröffentlichte Gedichte) Neusprech (R)evolution (24/43 veröffentlichte Gedichte) Neurolinguistische Hacks (15/35 veröffentlichte Gedichte) Ich sage; Danke! (momentan nur in englisch!) Das Erscheinen von IO (momentan nur in englisch!) Experimentelle Gedichte (15/21 veröffentlichte Gedichte) Artikel über KiBLS (nur in englisch!) Gedichte von KiBLS auf anderen Kanälen (nur in englisch!) Prophetisch poetisch (01/?? veröffentlichte Gedichte) Die Weisheit spricht! In Bearbeitung! Das ist mein Weg! In Bearbeitung! Neue Gedichte in deutsch (02/?? veröffentlichte Gedichte) Copyright und Lizenzbestimmungen (momentan nur in englisch!) Link zur alten englischen Liste: Link zur alten deutschen Liste: Link zur alten Übersicht:
Poems of the new time (47/51 published poems) Newspeak (R)evolution (28/43 published poems) Neurolinguistic hacks (20/35 published poems) Let me say; Thank you! (07/?? published poems) The appearance of IO (06/06 published poems) Experimental poems (21/21 published poems) Articles about KiBLS Poems from KiBLS on other channels Prophetic poetic (16/?? published poems) Choosen community poems (24/?? published poems) Wisdom speaks! (11/?? published poems) This is my way! (17/?? published poems) Praising my reality (07/?? published poems) New poems in german (07/?? published poems) More new era poetry (06/?? published poems) Copyright and license informations Link to the old english list: Link to the old german list: Link to the old overview:
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