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Increasing Stock Market Concerns The Federal Reserve has been printing USD and buying 60 billion of US Treasury bills a month since last fall and the process continues with no set end in sight. A side effect of all this printing is the debasement of all the other dollars that were printed previously. One has to ask: If the economic numbers of the USA economy is so great, then why is this necessary? This is Quantitative Easing (QE), QE Lite or just plain old market intervention/manipulation to keep the current debt based, paper money fiat financial system afloat, in the past this has been used to jumpstart the economy after a recession by pushing down long-term interest rates. Such low rates should be a good reason for banks and businesses to take out loans to expand business and thus the economy. However, instead what seems to be happening is that corporations have been buying back their own stock (which causes their stock to rise) or issuing low-quality corporate bonds-- the increasingly visible homeless situation and piking auto loan defaults etc. in the USA is pretty good evidence to suggest that the central banks economic stimulus is not trickling down to average American citizen. Since 2010 the rise in Fed’s balance sheet has mirrored the increases in the US stock market, who still believes this is pure consequence? The concern is what happens when this cash infusion slows down or stops? Interesting to note that the central banks of Switzerland and Japan for instance are not restricted to buying government debt, they can even purchase stocks directly. Thus why the central bank of Japan owns 75% of all stocks in that country (so much for a free market). And how you have the more than $1 billion worth of seven companies: Apple, Alphabet (which owns and controls Google), Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, and Exxon. So if you happen to own these stocks you might be thinking this is great, my stock when up, but how much of the current stock price is due to the demand caused from the printing out of thin air Swiss paper money etc? #stockmarket #investing #economics
Formula E Racing Goes Mainstream? The Formula E series for Electric Vehicles (EVs) has been around since 2014. There have been over 50 races so far in 20 cities, across five continents, and 13 major global car manufacturers have participated. The last season had over 300 Million TV viewers and over 500,000 watched the races in person. But starting in 2020 some additional big car making names will be joining the electric racing championship…BMW, Mercedes and the biggest name in EVs at the moment Tesla. What is cool about Formula E racing is that they race on the streets of major world cities the 2019-20 season includes: Diriya, Santiago, Mexico City, Marrakesh, Sanya, Rome, Paris, Seoul, Jakarta, Berlin, New York City, and London. Previous cities hosting Formula E races: Monaco, Zurich, Beijing, Bern, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Long Beach, Miami, Montreal, Moscow, Punta del Este and Putrajaya. The Formula E series brings the excitement of racing and clean energy to people, right where they live and work thus exposing even many non-racing fans to the sport. The Formula E series also drives home the point that EVs can and will soon replace even the highest performance combustion powered vehicles and they are demonstrating this fact in some of the very cities most adversely being affected by air pollution and climate change. Also a positive sign of mainstream EV adoption is that fact that you can now wager on the winner of the Formula E races at, which is powered by the TRON (TRX) blockchain. cryptocurrency #eV #Fromula_E #electric #TRON #WINK
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