Kamil Bachmiński


kaligraf, iluminator http://bachminski.com
Initial "D", home-made tempera paints (plus golden Kuretake watercolor) on vellum. Dimensions: circa 9 x 9 cm (3,5 x 3,5 in).
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Gothic cursive (in its Polish variant) was a first script I reverse-engineered directly from historical sources, without relying on modern calligraphic templates. I was a beginning calligrapher back then, so obviously I made a few mistakes doing it. So today I'm on it again, with years of experience behind my belt and much wealthier library of sources (thanks to expanding digital collection of National Library of Poland). I plan to do proper templates and worksheets for "Polish gothic cursive" and to include it in the programme of my classes and workshops. And below you can see my rendition of the formula I became very familiar with during my studies: "We, Kazimierz, by the Grace of God king of Poland and Rus, rightful lord and heir to the lands and duchies of Krakow, Sandomierz, Sieradz, Leczyca, Mazovia, Dobrzyn, Kuyavia and Pomerania. #kaligrafia #calligraphy #Casimir #Poland #gothic
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