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katsuakiraJun 8, 2020, 2:14:21 PM

In the modern day many teach the thoery of everyone wins or know as participation trophies for those who do not know this means everyone gets prize even for failure now this sounds good very kind because failure is not a great feeling, but it is a great teaching lesson to find your true potential and gives you motivation to work harder to be the person who is a champion.

one thing this makes is a lack of motivation this leads to people not wanting to work hard and put in the time and effort to achieve something this will lead to nothing being invented, buissness being medicore etc

this also leads to bigger issues for the future of the young generation. if we as a society reward children for failure, it gives them the idea that they are entitled to winning instead of truly earning it.

which makes the biggest problem expecting everything to be given to me. this mentailty is the wrost we see it everyday and its bad effects and when they dont get it they attack or lie (useing race,gendar etc) to get it

we need to all stop teaching failure is good we have to teach hard work,time,effort makes you a better, stronger person a true champion

#winning #teaching #children