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good nature

katsuakiraMay 29, 2019, 7:34:21 PM

Many wonder why japanese are so kind and good willed compared to so many other places and its really hard to see how or why but i going to give you my view and thoughts of how i see it

Japan is shaped by its long history and thoughout the enitre time 4 things always was thaught honor,family,respect,triddtion these have shaped us from the start theres loads more sub reasons to but these 4 are the core even in today while some have lost these vauls mojarity havent

1500 the warring states began at the time japan was split into diffrent clans who didnt like most outsiders this caused alot of wars after this period the country was unified still today only 5 clans that remain but everyone then was seen as family we become 1 people this idea of being a family with everyone brings alot of good nature and this still follows today (most not all)

but japan had a dark time where we lost this good will dureing ww2 after atomic bombs where dropped people had to fight to survive and this ment very hard choices stavation being the main issue family would feed the men who worked and earned while those who didnt barly got anything many became thiefs which was nicknamed flied vandels

who if caught where usealy beatean many just straved on the streets as people walked by not careing, children looking after themselves this hurt us we did this to our family (exacyly makes me cry just writting this)

but this is a big reason now we push our good nature more than before many bad things have happed since then but we always stood by each other dureing tsunami people would line up for the last bit of food not fighting or pushing even if ment getting nothing dureing natural disartires we dont loot ethier(shocked at usa looting dureing harrcaine)

we dont do it to show off or say we better we do it to repay for our dark time we do it out of honor and respect we do it to heal our family, even if theres many bad people keeping good nature is right

i hope you read my view on this and learn something (these are my opions)

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