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katsuakiraOct 24, 2019, 4:14:56 PM

been alot about gender reassignment and people say its a complicated issue but its not its very simple theres only 2 genders everthing else is in the mind and should be treated same as dealing with mental health issues

but everyone can be what they chosse it might be wired but if it makes someone happy i say let them

but Never should be allowed to anyone under the age of adulthood which ranges from 18-21 and done after speaking to mental health doctor this iam sure everyone would accept but anything other is simple wrong should be classed as a crime

children cant make or should not be allowed to make life altering disscions this why theres laws on tattos,aclohol,smokeing,gambling,porn etc these laws also stop parents from forceing these on to thier child to is called child abuse the same should apply to gender reassiment surgry.

not only is it a painful and dameging surgry both mental and physical many reports of the number of people who regret doing it is being buried and hidden this is more reason to class it as mental health issue and should be banned for children

#health #gender #lifestyle