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black dragon

katsuakiraSep 25, 2020, 12:12:45 PM

much infomation is hard to find since this was a secret scoiety i try and cover what is know


the leader was Tōyama Mitsuru 27 May 1855 – 5 October 1944 was a nationalist political leader in Japan and founder of the Genyosha/ Black Dragon Society a nationalist secret society


the black dragon had ideas to bring togher all of asia as one and protect the imprieal family. this lead them to fight among the common people all over asia


In 1894, there was a large uprising by an army of peasants called "Donghak" in Chonra province, Korea, and both Japan and China, dispatched troops.


Around this time, there was a group of Japanese Ronin orginzased by Tōyama in Korea, They acted upon the belief that the prime solution for the "Korea problem" was that the pro-China and anti-Japanese Min regime in Korea be overthrown and Korea be Japanese.


They took the peasant uprising for an anti-government struggle and sought to gain the cooperation of the Donghak army in order to overthrow the Min regime. In 1894, fourteen Ronin organized a group called "Tenyukyo", and armed with dynamite, they went to join the Donghak army in Chonra province. They met with Chon Bong Jun, the leader of the uprising. (the donghak lasted till 1992)


Tōyama was a strong supporter of Japanese-Manchuria, and joined forces with the anti-Russian Tairo Doshikai movement in 1903 which stopped russia take over.


He also supported the Chinese republican revolutionaries against the Qing dynasty and gave considerable support to Sun Yat-sen.


When the Chinese revolution began in 1911, he went to China in person as an advisor and to personally oversee Genyosha activities and to provide assistance to Sun Yat-sen.


Following the Chinese revolution, Tōyama officially retired, from the Black Dragon Society (Kokuryu-Kai) that he helped create as a successor to the Genyosha. He remained an influential behind-the-scenes figure in Japanese politics during the following years.


the scoiety helped many people in asia and was last act of samurai after the war the scoitey created the yakuza


this is only a brief look theres more in deth infomation online