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What radicalized you?

I am just normal /k/oreanJan 19, 2021, 6:07:07 PM

I've had this question asked of me before. Few times by lefties, but mostly by either centrists or conservatives. Each and every time I give them the same answer. It gets to the point where I can't say what I want to say due to censorship. I can't crack jokes for the sole purpose of a laugh. I can't share news articles because they're deemed to be false or dangerous somehow. I can't vote for somebody without being labeled a terrorist.
The one right this country was built upon and they're trying to give that the NDAA treatment. Before you know it you can get locked up for having a Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders sticker. Yeah the elites don't like him much either. The more a politician actually wants to give back to the people in any way, the more they want to JFK him. Whether you like him or not, Trump was doing just that in his own way. The media may have hid his accomplishments, but there were many.
Honestly I never thought I would have made as much of a political swing as I have, but I have some pretty radical views. Nothing that would actually cause alarm for coming to my house and having me questioned, but the vast majority of people would and do think I'm crazy because of them. And that's exactly the world they've molded people in. The insane people are the ones that know who's really in control. It's all just a conspiracy.