Adventuring philosopher, Pompous pontificator, Writer, K-Selected Biohacker, Tantric husband, Raconteur & Smart Drug Dealer [Leave me a thoughtful comment and I'll send you a Minds token or two]
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#Vlog Introducing Myself on #Minds I'm an Applied Neuroscience Strategist, World Traveler, Thinker, and Smart Drug Dealer This means that I devote myself full time to reading and researching the latest #science in regards to human performance enhancement, #health, and anti-aging. I'm a #Biohacker who has used over 100 Nootropic smart drugs over the past 8 years. A hacker is someone who seeks to control whatever system they are dealing with. A Biohacker, therefore is someone who seeks complete control of their own biology. As I say in this vlog is a social network for smart people. If you want it to stay that way I look forward to a continued conversation with you! [If the stuff I talk about in this video intrigues you follow me here on Minds and LEAVE a comment below with a link to what you're into - I reward thoughtful comments with Minds Tokens] Read #IntroducingMyself blog Watch
This Sunday at 11AM EST I'll be interviewing JT w/Cancer and Chill a 6-year cancer survivor, we'll delve into... How he's survived for the better part of a decade with a rare form of tissue cancer. How to deal with the enormity of cancer diagnosis. What's it like to have cancer in the Coronavirus era. Is cancer is a big scam? Listen or call-in to with your cancer-related questions
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