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The red pill bros at Ask The Red Pill aren't really red-pilled

JRoselandMar 6, 2021, 5:03:54 PM

My wife epically trolled Ask The Red Pill, what it reveals...

She had an odd fixation with the AskTRP subreddit; for those who don't know this is an online "male space" - a very male space. And there's no problem with that, from golf courses to cigar lounges, men deserve their own spaces to talk as they please. But I'll earn the ire of the denizens of this particular subreddit by exposing their astounding gullibility and naivety here.

In theory, I'm all about taking and prescribing the red pill to men.

Red pill 350

“Red Pilled” is internet parlance, referring to an unpopular and troubling truth, which is contrary to a naive mainstream belief, typically one of the myths of neoliberal ideology. If you're a single-ish guy interested in personal growth taking red pills will generally be good for you, the alternative is staying a "blue-pilled normie" and a shitty and mundane life awaits if you just conform to the liberal dogma of modernity while reveling in your own pseudo-individualism.

Lenins Tomb by David Remnick

For a bit of historical comparison, the excellent and eye-opening book on the Soviet Union, Lenin's Tomb by David Remnick, talks about how young Soviet citizens would engage in cultish competition to be the most enthusiastic poser revolutionary. Badly brainwashed, young people would take tremendous pride in their identity as "revolutionaries" when actually they were the most acquiescent of conformists, robotically repeating the slogans and mantras fed down to them by the propaganda apparatus of the monolithic one-party Soviet state that loomed over much of Eurasia. These young people never actually challenged power, they weren't fighting anything, they were just useful idiots, who could be relied upon to betray and commit horrifying crimes against their fellow countrymen. And in the current year, young liberals in the west are scarily similar, they are convinced that they are fighting the system, yet they agree with all the dogma espoused by giant corporations, Wall Street banks, the most corrupt politicians, big tech, elitist academia, and Hollywood pop culture. And you can also find the flip side of the same dogmatic coin on the political right, conservatives who really want to "fight globalism" but lend totally undeserved unfaltering support to the Republican party that habitually betrays them.

Cultish dogmatism seems to be one of the most natural ways for humans to come together in communities. If you resist dogmatic narratives and arrive at your own conclusions philosophically, even when they make you uncomfortable, you're actually red-pilled. I like the phrase because "critical thinking" sounds too boring, "common sense conservatism" sounds too stodgy, and "skepticism" was co-opted by a bunch of useful idiots and thinly-veiled political activists who only serve Big government, Big business, and Big science.

I'm a skeptic

With that preamble out of the way, let's expose the...

The gullibility of the red pill bros at Ask The Red Pill

Reddit 350

So my wife would read the posts, rants, and not-so-humble brags; she easily figured out the lingo, narrative, ideology, and what's respected on the subreddit. There's some genuine personal growth (fitness, weight lifting, nutrition, no fap, reading books, entrepreneurship, etc) discussed and encouraged in AskTRP but there is a toxic obsession with promiscuity - they call it spinning plates. A "plate" is a woman you're casually sleeping with, who you have a non-monogamous relationship with, and you're looked down on if you have only one. A respectable AskTRPer needs to have like 3-4 women that he's casually sleeping with at any given time.

My wife has a bottomless disdain for promiscuity; she's not religious, she just had the rare common sense from a young age to not be promiscuous, and she really doesn't like the nonstop cultural promotion of promiscuity. So, just for fun, she created a throwaway account and crafted an impressively absurd story to really appeal to the red pill bros, I include it at the bottom of this article as the subreddit's moderators will probably delete it. To synopsize the post that dupped the AskTRPers...

  • There's this extreme "alpha male," an American guy living in California, working as a fitness trainer - which is funny because my wife is a Bulgarian woman who needs help carrying groceries up the stairs.
  • He has a gorgeous 21-year-old Latina girlfriend quite committed to him, but he's also sleeping with four other women (without condoms!)
  • He's availing himself of the wisdom of the AskTRPers because he wants to score a fivesome with his OLTR (open long-term relationship) and his plates. Not quite satisfied with this "harem" he wants all of them at the same time. He also doesn't want any resulting drama.

When my wife first shared this story with me I said, "There's no way they will believe all that bullshit - they can't be THAT gullible. You'll get called out in the comments. They'll ask for some kind of evidence..." And I was wrong, the AskTRPers bought it and offered advice.

I share this because the online red pill community needs to do better.

Storytelling 350

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Anonymous guys online regale each other and gather renown by bragging about how many women they sleep with, how easy it is, how beautiful the women are, and how little commitment they offer the women without providing a byte of evidence. I was promiscuous for about a decade, I slept with a lot fewer women than men commonly claim to have conquered in the Manosphere, but it produced a lot of evidence; photos on social media along with funny and instructive stories full of specifics. A promiscuous life is a shitshow; it's going to be a lot of drama, craziness, drunken-antics, hilarity, and some violence. Tom Terero, a dating guru who I think is not making wild exaggerations, has written a few tell-all books about his life as a nomadic seducer and it's a shitshow of alcoholism, heartbreak, and drama. I suspect that most of the men online (especially the ones selling something) bragging about their plates and "harems" are simply lying; they are addicted to digital validation like attractive women peddling soft-core porn on Instagram are.

Quite simple, unless you know a man personally and see him hooking up with a lot of women you shouldn't believe his claims about his harem, because men tend to exaggerate and lie about this sort of thing. Every rapper raps about having a stable of beautiful women worshiping his cock, but if you've ever had a buddy who was a rapper, you probably observed that he had a statistically not-outstanding sex life while making the same fantastic claims in his lyrics.

Don't buy the pipe-dream

This subreddit particularly and the men's personal growth online is rife with braggarts, liars, and grifters selling this promiscuity pipe-dream. If you're a red-blooded single guy with testosterone in your veins, believe me, I can understand why you find it appealing. A dose of reality, from my book, Don't Stick Your Dick in a Blender...

This is a very clever marketing message that appeals to your natural male promiscuity and porn-inspired fantasies. Like so much on the internet, it’s a pipe-dream meant to get you to click those Buy Now buttons. Here’s why this is far from being practical advice and might result in you sticking your dick in a blender…

  • Maintaining a rotation of just two girls is going to be a lot of work, stress, and drama, let alone 3-5! Maintaining a single relationship, even a rather meaningless one, requires a not-insignificant amount of game, attention, and communication, along with time and money spent going on dates and hanging out.
  • If you’re a normal guy with a job, responsibilities, family, friends, hobbies, and maybe a pet, you just won’t have the time in the week to spin 3-5 plates while paying extra attention to one girl that’s better than the others. How would you even know if she’s actually better than the others if you aren’t spending, at a minimum, like five hours a week with her? It takes time to get to know someone.
  • A woman with healthy self-esteem is not going to want to be in a harem. A girlfriend or wife-material woman is not going to be into polyamory, she’ll want monogamy. When she finds out about the other girls (which she almost certainly will, thanks to social media) she’s much more likely to just stop seeing you than to start working her little ass off to outcompete the other girls.
  • I do believe that there is a small minority of men out there who can maintain harems, but they are either gifted natural seducers, genetically blessed with great looks, height, and magnetic social skills. Or full-time commercial pickup artists who spend about 40 hours a week meeting and dating women and another 30 hours weekly doing internet marketing. Or they are very wealthy men engaging in some form of soft prostitution. The lifestyle being sold is just not within the reach of a more average Joe who has to devote 50 hours a week to getting a STEM degree, working an office job, or keeping civilization running doing something more blue-collar.
  • Unless you’re picking up farmers’ daughters in Belarus, you’re going to have a few blenders in your hypothetical harem. Do you have such unflinching self-control that after rounds of vodka shots together you’ll staunchly stick to safe sex? Of course, not! So you may pick up an STD, and then share it all around, then what’s going to happen? The guys bragging about this lifestyle don’t talk about that likelihood.
  • Let’s say that you actually manage to get a harem. Stupidly, you start raw dawging one of the women, who is really undeserving of your uncondomed cock, while you’re actually falling in love with and thinking about a future together with another woman in the harem. Then you get the dreadful news that the first woman is pregnant, and she does not want to abort it. What do you do? Commit to the more mediocre, blender-ific woman for the sake of the child? Or do you make your child a bastard and pursue the woman who you have a chance of happiness with? That’s the sort of drama you’re signing up for with this harem nonsense!

The height of hypocrisy

Blue pill icon

The men's red pill community is ostensibly against political correctness, feminism, and the embarrassing Absurdistan that neoliberalism has turned western civilization into. The full-spectrum cultural promotion of promiscuity is one of the primary things driving the decline of civilization. Those 22-year-old "plates" that you casually sleep with and then discard, will grow up to be angry feminists who vote for the leftist politicians wrecking our countries. You're an awful hypocrite and a useful idiot if you're pro-promiscuity for yourself yet anti-political-correctness. You're feeding the cultural marxism beast devouring our civilization that you claim to hate.

Also, if you're a real red-piller why are you feeding Reddit (a big tech platform that hates you) with your clicks and attention? I've just created a men's red pill discussion forum here on Minds.com, which is the best pro-free-speech, pro-privacy social network. I won't censor you for being pro-promiscuity there but we'll demand evidence for extraordinary claims which I think will weed out the grifters and braggarts.

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JOIN Red Pill Personal Growth

I publish this to address the gullibility and push back against the toxic dogma entrenching itself in the Manosphere...

  • That men are really missing out on something great if they don't pursue promiscuity.
  • That commitment and marriage are for suckers.
  • That all women are crazy irrational actors, not worthy of partnership and true intimacy.

I bought the promiscuity pipe-dream and really it was a lot more trouble than it was worth - I had to get warts burned off my dick with a surgical laser!

Watch: I forgot what D’Artagnan taught me and got my dick BURNED by a LASER

When I got married...

I discovered something that those pickup artist gurus rarely mention, monogamous relationship sex is a lot better! In a committed relationship with a quality woman, you figure out what each other like in bed, you can dispense with the pleasure-robbing condom, and you can embrace "the unbearable lightness of being" - create a moment together that you'd be content to replay for all eternity.

Life is good on the black sea coast

Marriage entails its own set of challenges; there's a bit of drama to be managed. But, nothing has made me happier than being married. Counterintuitively, when you pursue meaning over happiness, you end up happier.

Watch: Can you be MGTOW and MARRIED?

If you apply the red pill lessons with discernment, you can be a husband that gets laid regularly like a "lover" but gets respect like a "provider" - I break that all down in my book in detail. It was rigorously researched and will provide some data-driven counter-points to "the cult of the amateur" that the manosphere is devolving into.

Don't Stick Your Dick in a Blender
Order: Don’t Stick Your Dick in a Blender: How to meet a nice girl instead — from a tantric husband with a better sex life than you!

I'm hoping that the AskTRPers can act like civilized men, take the criticism made here, and improve instead of responding like hysterical cult members. If you're a red pill bro butthurt my wife trolled your community, do not contact her, she's busy doing wife stuff, and will just block you. After she posted her made-up story in the subreddit I had her promise me that she wouldn't peruse the subreddit anymore. I'll hear your grievances and feedback here.

For a laugh, here's my wife's trolling story...

Want an orgy with OLTR + plates

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