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Going to a swingers party in Medellin, Colombia

jroselandJul 23, 2018, 8:19:24 PM
Im going to a swinger bar with a couple of young girls tonight are you coming? They re not as conservative as the ones ive introduced you to these ones are pretty wild…

Was the text message I had just gotten from my amigo Jairo.

I responded: "LOL I might go out tonight… Which swingers bar? …The ones you have introduced me to have not exactly been nuns LOL"

For better or for worse, I have this personal rule that if one of my friends suggests we do something crazy and way out of my comfort zone, I just have to do it. So of course, I accepted my amigo's indecent proposal for the evening.

I've actually been to a couple of swingers parties back in Denver and I found them very tame; some people giving massages, a few girls walking around in thongs and a clothed couple enjoying a whirring German sex toy in a darkened corner booth. This was a different story, this was Eyes Wide Shut but without the masks and capes.

Things started getting strange early, Jairo texted me that we were to meet the girls there at 8:00PM, I responded with skepticism, but Jairo assured me that they were quite punctual. I didn't ponder the paradox of young, none conservative yet punctual girls deeply.

I finished up my work and did my daily 10 minutes of mediation. It was 8:05PM, I called Jairo, he was already there and so were the girls, I talked with one of them on the phone for a minute and they were a bit annoyed at my tardiness. I ordered an Uber which arrived a few minutes later and the tinted chariot carried me off into a night of adventure.

The Uber arrived at the location of the swinger bar, Lili Club in barrio Colombia, a not exactly inviting dark empty street lined with rugged industrial buildings.

I hollered at a guy working in a little store on the street: Donde esta el bar swinger?

He directed me to a unmarked large black door. I knocked on the door and an employee ushered me in and up a flight of stairs.

I had rocked up looking quite fly; in the formal suit jacket, jeans, nice shoes and nice shirt look that finally seems to be catching on here in Medellin. The door girl looked me down and asked if it was my first time here. She then informed me that I would be taking off all my clothes and would be provided a towel.

They provide lockers to safely store your clothes and your phone, you keep the key to your locker on a little rubber wristband.

Me and my friends have always joked that we should throw a no phone party, where nobody is allowed to use their phones or take photos during the party. That's exactly what this was.

I met Jairo and our dates. They weren't 'working girls' but they seemed quiet social and obviously had been there before. In retrospect I think they were more or less 'air models' (as they call them in the club biz) and they were actually a lot of fun to hang out with, which was all my expectations of the evening were.

Swingers parties follow frat house rules; single guys or groups of guys are not allowed in. You have to come with girls. This made the proportion of guys to girls significantly better than the standard sweaty, reggaeton bar in Colombia.

Lili is a little more swank than the average Medellin nightlife offering and feels quite hygienic.

Yes, there is a large hard tub, so be prepared to get wet.

The layout is a little more open and spacious with low lighting and plenty of lounging areas and bean bags.

Staff with mops diligently mop the wet floor after the soaking customers.

There's showers and a very steamy steam room.

There's a semi private room, off to the side, with a bed, for those who need it.

There was porn playing on televisions throughout the bar, which was the one thing that actually bothered me, it just seemed gratuitous in an environment that was already very sexual. It was also kind of crappy porn, you would think they could display some decent high definition, higher production value stuff.

The customer service was surprisingly good, overall the vibe of the bar was more respectful than the atrocious rudeness and drunken antics you'll likely experience on a normal night out in Lleras.

I was the only foreigner there by far, unlike Poblado where I feel like just another gringo. A few other things:

If you are shy about seeing a lot of anatomy, both male and female. Don't go.

If you are shy about seeing people having oral sex right in front of you. Don't go.

While at the swingers parties back home I felt completely unpressured to participate in anything. However, at Lili if I wasn't talking or dancing with a girl I felt pretty awkward actually. In retrospect, I would have been more comfortable if I had gone with a girl I knew better.

The women there varied from pretty good looking to striking Colombian goddesses, thanks in part, no doubt, to the fine plastic surgeons of Antioquia.

The guys there were pretty attractive as well although there were a couple gordos strutting around proudly showing their bulging beer bellies.

I think at least some of the girls there were hookers, but there were also a lot of couples, everyone is wearing the same thing, either towels or naked, so the would be hookers don't stand out so much.

It was one of the few places in Colombia that I have seen (very attractive) bisexual women making out together, I didn't see any gay male couples, but I assume they would be welcome.

So did I participate? Well, unfortunately this article is not going to devolve any further into smut so… a gentleman doesn't tell.

Their advertised cover charge was 40K COP ($14), which supposedly includes a bottle of tequila and a table, however my tab came to 85K COP ($30) including cover at the end of the night, so a little pricey for Medellin but well worth the novel experience.

If you've ever been curious about experiencing a legit adult sex party but don't want to feel like a creepy sex tourist, you may want to checkout Lili.

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